Suntsu’s Upgraded InvisiShield-CT: More Than a Contact Tracer

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Introducing InvisiShield-CT

Suntsu has boosted our InvisiShield workplace proximity sensor to add a contact tracing system! Infections like Covid-19 spread through social contact. Airborne viruses can spread between two people closer than 6 feet and it can be impossible to judge or remember all your close social contacts over a day, let alone a week! Using UWB technology for real-time location systems (RLTS) gives you a wearable solution with precise measurements and competitive pricing. Suntsu has taken a great product and upgraded it to a complete contact tracing system to keep your people safe now and in future situations. 

Why You Need Contact Tracing

You are a great employer; you work hard to keep your people safe. Do you need to invest in a contact tracing device? Haven’t you got enough systems in place? The Suntsu wearable contact tracer is great for you, your employees, and your business. It is as convenient as wearing an ID tag.  

InvisiShield to RoLa Device

Your employees benefit from:

Improved morale – issuing them with a contact tracing device reassures them you take their health seriously.
Peace of mind – accurate contact tracing means they only stop working if they are genuinely at risk and you won’t needlessly suffer a loss of earnings.
Convenience – they don’t have to do anything other than wearing the RTLS tag; all the logging in and monitoring is automatic.

Your business benefits from:

Happier employees – removing a source of employee stress means they can focus on their work rather than worrying about their health risks.
Lower costs – shutting down for a deep clean or outbreak is expensive. Accurate information lets you target your resources effectively.
Reduced risk of shutdown – you have the evidence and systems in place to show you are running a safe and healthy work environment.

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Compact, Precise, Affordable

This wearable contact tracer gives you two significant benefits. Firstly, it nudges your people into maintaining a safe social distance with a customizable proximity sensor and alarm. Secondly, it records enough information to launch a robust and effective employee contact tracing process if you get an employee with a positive Covid-19 test.  

Suntsu’s approach to product design is to leverage the technology (UWB technology in this case) to give the customer more functionality.  A wearable contact tracer is super easy for your employees – they don’t need hours of training, and you get a high uptake and compliance.  Wearing the device is no different from wearing an ID tag and requires minimal employee involvement. 

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