Suntsu Releases Ultra-Stable TCXO’s Built for 5G Designs

Suntsu Releases Ultra-Stable TCXO’s Built for 5G Designs

5G communication is the latest and greatest in wireless network technology. Applications that utilize this infrastructure, such as small cells, base stations, and Wifi-6.6E, require the use of high-precision TCXO’s (Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillators) to achieve high-speed, high-capacity, and ultra-low latency performance requirements.

Demand for miniaturization continues to increase, and crystal oscillators, which are responsible for communication quality, are also feeling the pressure to be miniaturized and highly accurate. To help meet these demands, Suntsu is proud to announce we carry TCXO’s built with 5G designs in mind.

Suntsu’s ultra-stable TCXOs achieve anywhere from +/-0.05ppm to +/-1.0ppm, depending on the operating temperature ranges. The max operating temperature is -55°C to 95°C, and packages are available in 7.0×5.0mm and 5.0×3.2mm sizes which can help reduce board space constraints for smart devices.

In a world of constantly shrinking form factors, Suntsu’s small sized, high performance TCXO’s, are supporting the next generation of engineering designs worldwide.

Key features include

  • 7.0×5.0 and 5.0×3.2mm SMD packages
  • CMOS and Clipped Sinewave output
  • 3.3V and 5.0V available
  • +/-0.05, +/-0.1ppm, +/-0.28ppm, +/-0.5ppm and +/-1.0ppm frequency stability options
  • Extended operating temperature -55°C to 95°C
  • Standard available frequencies: 10, 12.8, 13, 15.36, 16, 16.32, 16.384, 19.2, 20, 24.576, 25, 26, 30.72, 40, and 50MHz

Applications include

  • Micro cell
  • Femto cell
  • Pico cell
  • Macro base station
  • Wifi-6/6E
  • Smart devices

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