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Suntsu Builds Deep Vendor Relationship with Powerteq

In just over a decade, Powerteq has gone from a start-up to a powerhouse leader in performance tuning in the automotive aftermarket segment. As a division of High Performance Industries, Powerteq oversees six established brands: APR, Dinan, DiabloSport, Edge Products, Range Technology, and Superchips. With six brands under their wing, they cover a wide range…
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Suntsu Electronics Designs Custom Stratum 3 TCXOs for Silicon Lab ICs

Suntsu Electronics introduces the latest Stratum 3 TCXO specially designed for Silicon Lab ICs. These TCXOs come in small, ceramic SMD package delivered via Tape and Reel. The Stratum 3 clock serves to track input under normal operating conditions, but at a wider range than Stratum 2.   STX478 and STX479 both come in a 7.0mm x 5.0mm package size and have an output frequency of 12.8 MHz meant to function…
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Suntsu Electronics Designs Custom Stratum 3E OCXOs for Silicon Lab ICs

Suntsu Electronics has designed custom OCXOs for Silicon Lab ICs. Stratum 3E is an upgraded standard that accounts for SONET equipment requirements that are not available with a typical Stratum 3. It comes in a small SMD package that boasts low phase noise and complies to Stratum 3E GR-1244 and GR-253 cores. These Stratum 3E…
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The Most Accurate and Trusted Source of Time of Any OCXO

GPS Disciplined Oscillators (GPSDO) are one of the most accurate and trusted sources of timing. Often called GPS clocks, they consist of a high-stability oscillator and a GPS receiver. GPSDO works by steering the oscillator output to a GPS device or GNSS satellite signal through a tracking loop. Some of their applications include functioning as…
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Suntsu Electronics- How to match antennas to your design

How To Match Antennas to Your Design

The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that there will be over 40 billion connected devices by 2025: up from the 31 billion today. Most connected things will do so over wireless. The key feature of wireless systems are antennas and the interfacing RF interconnects. If chosen correctly, antennas lead to high performance wireless devices. However,…
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The Lowest Phase Jitter of Any LVDS Oscillator

  For high speed data transfer applications (transceiver or clock distribution) that require a high data rate, introducing our new LVDS Oscillator. Suntsu’s CEO, Casey Conlan enthused, “our high-speed networking customers will be clamoring to get their hands on this part!” The SUO75L Series Oscillator is designed with a third overtone crystal and a frequency…
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Simplify Your Design With Suntsu’s 4-in-1 Combination Outdoor Antenna

Suntsu announces a new outdoor antenna to address your LTE MIMO, GNSS and Dual Band Wi-Fi needs. All multiple wireless systems need a high efficiency antenna with high gain and isolation properties. This 4-in-1 antenna from Suntsu can be used for vehicle telematics allowing real-time tracking and HD video streaming to the cabin of any…
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Suntsu Electronics, Inc. Announces Expansion to Europe

US-Based Suntsu Electronics Inc. announces the opening of its first European sales office, located in the UK. With a growing customer base of distributors and OEMs across Europe, the new office will provide additional sales and technical customer service support.   Anke Allen / Director of European Sales   Heading up the new office from its location in…
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Ultra-Miniature GPS Saw Filter Will Save Space On Your Design

Suntsu Electronics, Inc. Introduces Their Smallest GPS Saw Filter to Date. Suntsu releases their Ultra-Miniature GPS Saw Filter with a PCB footprint of only 1.1mm x 0.9mm. The use of RF Filters in Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) is a necessity but it can be a challenge to find the smaller package sizes with low insertion…
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