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Navigating MLCC Shortages in 2019

The component shortages we witnessed in 2018 show no signs of letting up in 2019. While the memory market appears to be stabilizing, the MLCC market is still constrained and manufacturers are increasingly putting product on allocation and extending their lead times. The current market shows lead times of more than 40 weeks. Some manufacturers…
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Nexsun is changing its name to Suntsu.

Nexsun Electronics, Inc. will be changing its name to Suntsu Electronics, Inc. (Effective January 2019). Why are we changing our name? In short, to streamline our operations and eliminate confusion around our brands and holdings. A Brief History 2002 – Suntsu Frequency Control, Inc. is established as a supplier of quartz-based timing devices. 2012 –…
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Reducing light pollution and energy consumption with LED streetlights

LED streetlights offer many advantages over conventional High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide options. Given that an LED can last 100,000 hours, the reduction in maintenance costs alone is one the biggest draws for municipalities. Factor in the fact that LEDs produce about 80 lumens per watt as opposed to traditional streetlights at 58…
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Powering A Smart Grid Revolution

Providing easy access to electricity in some of the most underserved and underdeveloped markets in the world is an enormous challenge. The number of people living without reliable access to electricity is estimated to be approximately 2 billion people worldwide, and the estimated annual population growth of 1.3% outpaces the 1.2% rate of electrification. It’s the…
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Magtech Q2 driver

Product Highlight – Magtech Industries Q2 LED Driver

We are excited to announce Magtech’s new Q2 Series LED driver. It is a great solution for many lighting OEM products. The following include some of theadvantages of the Q2 LED driverover similar products:  Q2 series, UL listed LED driver – Accommodates many applications where UL recognized drivers could not be Q2 driver is VERY…
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Suntsu wifi antenna and parts suppliers - outdoor wifi antenna

How to match Antennas with your design

The International Data Corporation IDC predicts that there will be over 30 billion connected devices by 2020; up from the 13 billion today. The majority of connected things will do so over wireless. Key to the wireless system are antennas and the interfacing RF interconnects. If chosen correctly, antennas lead to high performance wireless devices.…
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Integrated Circuit semiconductor design

What is with the long lead times? 2018 Edition

Suntsu has seen a 3-year growth in forward thinking products and new designs from our customers. We are not alone. Statista reports that the Americas electronics industry has seen steady growth at 1% in 2016; 3% in 2017; and 5% in 2018. Asia has seen a glowing hot 5% growth for the same period.  A lot…
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From self-driving cars to 5G: making sense of tech 2018

The electronics industry has been abuzz with exciting technology.  You can’t go a day without news on self-driving cars, 5G networks, augmented reality, and IoT.  Terms are being created so fast that it can be confusing as to what all this means.   In this article, we will try to organize things in a simple three-layer…
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LDC 35 80

MEAN WELL announces the LDC-35/80 series

MEAN WELL has followed up the LDC-55 in February with the LDC-35/80 series to complete the Flicker free product family.   Lighting designer have the flexibility to choose 35W, 55W or 80W versions depending on their power requirements. LDC-35/80 series are constant power mode output with the design of full load current setting by adding resistance…
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Footswitch supplier

Product Highlight – SCI Pushbutton Foot Switch

Musicians are some of the most particular artists in the world, and when it comes to their gear, musicians are fanatical about what they use. Their instruments and equipment must be of the highest sound quality, and must also stand up to the wear-and-tear of being on the road. Hell hath no fury like a…
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Digital signage design and engineering

The Great Outdoors: Protecting Products from Exposure

This is our final article in a three-part series on desiging products for the Great Outdoors. In our first article, we covered water and dust resistant designs. In the second article, we covered how to account for temperature in a two-step process. This article will cover protecting products from exposure. What do I mean about exposure? Exposure is any…
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Which type of cable should I use?

Comparing Small Form Factor Coaxial RF Connectors

At Suntsu, one of our focus is in wireless communication. We’ve helped our customers with cables focused on antenna-to-board connectivity. All of our customers are going compact and smaller. U.FL is the established high frequency miniature coaxial interconnection type. But it is proprietary to Hirose. So many manufacturers offer 100% U.FL compatible connectors under various…
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Nexsun acquires Straight Road Electronics

Nexsun Electronics acquires Straight Road Electronics

Suntsu Electronics, Inc., one of the fastest growing distributors in the US is proud to announce the acquisition of Straight Road Electronics, Inc.  This union will provide our valued customers with an even greater level of service and support through the merging of our resources and combined experience.  Straight Road’s breadth of product and expertise…
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The Great Outdoors: Designing products for outdoor temperatures

We’ve been getting more and more customers asking advice on how to design for the great outdoors.  In our first article, we covered water and dust resistant designs.   This second article is focused on how to design that products can survive the outdoor environment.  This is no small feat considering the hottest temperature ever recorded was 57.8…
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July Product News: Winstar releases two 10.1″ displays

Winstar, a maker of industrial displays, has released two models of 10.1 inch IPS TFT-LCD. We are particularly excited by the WF101GTAAPLNT0.  The WF101GTAAPLNT0 is the resistive touch anti-glare model designed for bright lighting conditions or outdoor.  Resistive touch screens are typically more durable when exposed dust and water. And it can detect stylus, gloved-hands and other wide…
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ECE solderable relays

Goodsky/ECE release Reflow Solderable Electromechanical Relay

Goodsky/ECE introduces a very innovative series of Reflow Solderable Relays in both SMT and Through-hole type.  By being designed to go through the high temperatures of solder reflow, the through-hole type relay allow PCB assembly to go through only one production reflow soldering process. There is no longer needing additional wave or hand soldering of…
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Outdoor Enclosures

The Great Outdoors: How to select parts for water and dust resistance

Last year, I wrote about the trends in PCBs – reduce size but more computation power, features and capabilities.  One major benefit of the reduced size and increased efficiency is the ability move the products that might have traditionally in a fixed indoor location.   More and more, products are now being pushed into “The Great Outdoors”. We’ve…
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Degson releases new products, including UL1000V Board to Wire Solution

Degson’s June New Product announcement had 13 new interconnect and terminal block solutions.  The smallest but clever product is the K78 – a barebones type board to wire connector.  With the DG636S-6.35 and DG218-2.5; Degson has innovated in 45? insertable 630V and 160V rated industrial terminal blocks. What really excited us was the DG271V-7.5-DA-06AH.  This…
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