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Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

Here at Suntsu, we understand that selecting the right partner to help you build your product is paramount to your company’s success. We’ve helped numerous clients navigate the treacherous world of printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and gotten their products to market faster and cheaper than they could do on their own. Let us help you create what’s next! Our broad relationships and experience mean you get a custom solution tailored to your needs. We have contract manufacturing partners both domestically and overseas and will advise on the best approach to ensure your product is executed to the highest quality standards.

Full Turnkey PCBA

Full turnkey assembly includes:

Material & component sourcing & procurement icon

Material, Component
Sourcing, Procurement

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Order Tracking, Shipment, Logistics With Assembly Facility

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Physical Assembly Of The Printed Circuit Board

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Quality Control & Testing

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Final Shipment To You

Our technical experts apply their knowledge to each order, whether it be a low-volume PCB assembly prototype project or a high-volume production run.

Partial Turnkey PCBA

Partial turnkey is where customers manage one or more of the elements listed above. Typically, this includes sourcing and shipping some or all the components.

Full Consignment:
You provide the materials and components needed for a specific production run. We complete the assembly and deliver your finished products.

Stocking Consignment:
Like full consignment but incorporates an ongoing relationship. You provide the materials and components needed for ongoing production runs.

Hybrid Consignment:
In this scenario, you provide some of the materials and/or components and we procure the rest.

Suntsu PCBA Circuit Board

Full vs. Partial Turnkey PCBA

Those customers who choose Partial Turnkey PCBA often find that coordinating lead times, minimum order quantities, part substitutions, and a multitude of vendors on top of managing the assembly house can be a real challenge. Because we started out as a manufacturer/distributor of components prior to offering PCBA, we are equipped to save you the trouble that comes with procurement and managing vendors. Our experts can take your BOM and find you the best parts/partners for your final product.

We regularly help our customers:

• Eliminate BOM and consignment kit inconsistencies that often arise from part substitutions or additions.
• Manage component lead-times through bonds and/or consignment programs.
• Benefit from cutting edge technology without new capital expenditures.
• Identify the right components and/or second sources for their designs.
• Reduce or eliminate in-house kitting costs.
• Spend more time working on their designs.
• Store their component inventory.
• Secure hard to find or EOL parts.
• Manage overage amounts.
• Reduce BOM costs.

In addition, a full turnkey assembly will typically lead to quicker deliveries, a more consistent end-product, and improved time to market for new designs. Send in your BOM and Gerber file today to get started!


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