ADSL / DSL TransfomerP5300 series ADSL transformerETAL Group
Chassis Mount TransformerChassis mount transformerMCI Transformer
Custom TransformerFlyback and other custom transformer projectsContact Us
High Frequency Power and Switching TransformersHigh frequency power and switching transformersYuan Dean
Inverter TransformerInverter TransformerYuan Dean
Line Matching TransformerP5100 series line matching transformersETAL Group
PC Mount TransformersPC Mount transformersMCI Transformer
UL Class 2 TransformerUL Class 2 transformerMCI Transformer


Axial Lead InductorsThrough-hole inductors shielded and non-shieldedRCD Component
Axial Lead InductorsThrough-hole inductors shielded and non-shieldedYuan Dean
Common Mode ChokeCommon mode choke inductorsMagLayers
EMI line filter inductorsEMI line filter inductorsYuan Dean
Miniaturized SMD InductorsLow-profile shielded and non-shielded inductorsRCD Components
Power InductorsHigh current molded power inductors, low profile and customETAL Group
Power InductorsPower inductors, high current inductorsMagLayers
SMD InductorsSMD inductors shielded and non-shieldedYuan Dean


Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Engineering Services
Engineering Services

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