AMOLED and Multitouch Displays5" and 5.5"HD display"Contact Us
Capacitors: Design for DisplaysElectrolytic Capacitors designed for display powerSurge Components
Displays: Character LCDCharacter LCDs from 8x1 to 68x4Sunlike
Frequency Control: Crystals and Oscillators for DisplaysCrystal oscillatorsSuntsu
FSC-LCD / TAB LCD and Circular LCD DisplaysField sequential color / Tape automatic bonding / Circular LCDWinstar
OLED DisplaysOLED Modules size: 0.49" to 5.49" | color and monochromeDLC
TFT LCD / Capacitive Touch DisplaysTFT LCDs size: 0.90 to 12" | resolution up to 1920x1200 | SPI/RGB/LVDS/I2C/CPUJMO LCD

Camera Components

IR LED collarsIR LED collars - indoor, outdoor, video surveillance gradeContact Us
IR-cut filtersIR-cut filters - fixed and electromechanical typeContact Us
Lens, Lens HolderMP12 camera lens, lens holderContact Us
Mini-cam modulesAll-in-one mini camera modulesContact Us


IR LEDs, Super Bright LEDsComplete surface mount offering; High Power LEDS, iR LED, Multi-color and PLCC LEDsSunLED
LCD Backlight, LED Displays, through-hole LEDsLCD backlight, LED displays, through-hole LEDs, bar grid dislays, cluster LEDs, LED collars, direction indicatorVimex
LED Displays, Bars and Segments2 to 4 digit 7-segment displays. LED bars and segments.SunLED
Super Bright LEDs, multi-color LEDs, SMT PLCCSuperflux LEDs, IR LEDs, super bright LEDS, Multi-color LEDs, SMT LEDsDaina


SMT IR emitters and PhototransistorsSurfacemount IR emitters and phototransistorsSunLED
Through-hole PhototransistorsThrough-hole phototransistorsSunLED


Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Engineering Services
Engineering Services

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