Power Modules and Converters

AC to DC DIN Rail SupplyA/C DIN rail suppliesYuan Dean
AC to DC external switching power adapterA/C external switching power adaptersYuan Dean
DC to AC ConvertorsDC - AC modified sine wave, true sine wave,Yuan Dean
DC to DC ConvertorsDC - DC SIP, on-board, and open frame converterYuan Dean
DC to DC ConvertorsDC-DC isolated and non-isolated convertersYuan Dean
Power ModulesElectric vehicle power modulesNichicon
Power ModulesOpen frame AC-DC convertersYuan Dean
Power ModulesA/C enclosed switching power supplyYuan Dean
Power ModulesA/C rackmount power moduleYuan Dean

Power Passives

Capacitors (Power)Organic polymer electrolytic capacitors for long-life IT equipment like servers, switches, and routersSurge Components
Capacitors (Power)Film capacitors for power electronicsNichicon
Circuit Protection (MOV)MOVs for suppressing transient voltages (lighting or changes in load) at the AC-main input.BrightKing
Resistors (Power)High voltage, high power and ultra high power thick film resistors. High power thin film resistors.Cal-Chip
Resistors (Power)Power film resistors, miniature power film resistors and commercial power film resistorsRCD Components

Power Receptacles and Cords

Power CordsNorth America, International, hospital grade, hi amp, data center cords and cablesElectri-cord Manufacturing
Power CordsNorth America and IEC international power plugs and cords, adapters, and non-halogen power cordsKing-Cord
Power ReceptaclesM-series / C-series distributed power for industrial and automation applicationsAmphenol-Sine
Power ReceptaclesNorth America and IEC inlet, outlet, plug or receptacle optionsQuail Electronics
Power ReceptaclesUL rated AC power entry modulesVimex
Power ReceptaclesDC jack and plugsOST
Terminal Blocks (Power and Industrial)Transformer terminal blocks, barrier terminal blocks, IEC through-wall and din rail terminal blocksDegson

Power Magnetics

Power InductorsThrough hole and SMT power inductorsYuan Dean
Power TransformersVariety of power transformers - from PC mount, chassis mount, class 2, industrial, medical, and international transformers, and custom transformersMCI Transformer
Power Transformers and InductorsPower transformers and coilsLi Tone Electronics

Power Relays

Power Relays, ULSolar relays, UL approved relays, AC relaysWRG (World Products)
Power Relays, ULUL approved relays, latching relays and AC relaysNCR
Power Relays, ULUL relays and AC relays (GQ series)Excel Cell Electronics


Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Engineering Services
Engineering Services

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