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Audio Components

Audio Amplifier ICAudio power amplifier CMOS ICs, car radio, Hi-Fi audioUnisonic
Foot pedal switchesFoot pedal and other audio equipment switchesSCI
InterconnectsAmphenol audio XLRs, mini-XLRs loud speaker, RCA, 1/4" and 3.5mm solutions"Amphenol-Sine
Knobs: AluminumAluminum and shell knobsMony Industrial
Potentiometers: instrument and controlRotary metal shaft, molded cases, dual-shaft and thin micro series. Slide potentiometersTaiwan Alpha
Potentiometers: panel mountSingle-turn rotary carbon, cermet, conductive plastic and wirewound; also multi-turn wirewoundVimex
Speakers and MicrophonesAudible devices, speakers, microphones, capacitors, semiconductorsICC
Touch key switchesTouch key switches IP66 front panel protected and with custom symbols and illuminationTaiway

Professional Audio Module

D-sub modulesPatented D-sub audio modules that accelerate output sound designAnaview