AEC-Q200 Automotive ResistorsCAR, CAS, CPR and CRS series automotive resistorsCal-Chip
High CurrentPower leaded resistors, non-inductivePrecision Resistive Products (PRP)
High Voltage ResistorsCHV series high voltage ceramic chip capacitorsCal-Chip
High Voltage ResistorsRVC series high voltage thick film chip resistorsKamaya
High Voltage ResistorsHigh voltage thick film axial, thick film chip, film network, and non-inductive composite resistorsRCD
Power Resistors, chipRTR series of power chip resistorsCal-Chip
Power Resistors, filmPower film resistors, radial, axial, and flameproof axialRCD
Power Resistors, leadedPower leaded resistors, non-inductivePrecision Resistive Products (PRP)
SMD type resistors and arraysSMD resistors, resistor arraysCal-Chip
SMD type resistors and arraysChip resistors, IEC63 standard resistanceWalsin
VaristorsMulti-layer chip varistorsWalsin


Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsChip type aluminum, miniature aluminum, large can type, conductive polymer, and EDLC; electrolyics and aluminum electrolytics.Nichicon
Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsScrew-terminal, SMD, snap-in, organic conductive polymer, and wide temperature electrolyics and aluminum electrolytics.Surge Components
Capacitor Arrays and NetworksResistor-capacitor networks, as well as ceramic, chip, axial, radial and tantalum capacitorsRCD Components
Metalized Film CapacitorsMetallized film capacitors, including power electric, noise suppression, EMI suppressionPilkor
Metalized Film CapacitorsMetallized film capacitors, PFC power supply, large cap, high voltage, high frequency circuit and AC circuitKamaya / Walsin
Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC)MLCC capacitors, high Q MLCC, Ultra high Q MLCC, automotive MLCCCal Chip
Noise Suppression CapacitorsNoise suppression capacitors, high pulse and snubber capacitorsOkaya
Polyester Film CapacitorsPolyester film capacitorsNichicon
Polyester Film CapacitorsPolyester film capacitorsPilkor
Polyester Film CapacitorsPolyester film capacitors, inductive, non-inductive and molded boxSurge Components
Polypropylene Film CapacitorsPolypropylene film capacitorsNichicon
Polypropylene Film CapacitorsPolypropylene film capacitorsPilkor
Polypropylene Film CapacitorsPolypropylene film capacitorsSurge Components
Super Capacitors (Ultra Capacitors)Ultra capacitor cells and modules, low ESR super capacitors, Maxwell ultracapacitors, CAP-XX low profile supercapacitorsTecate Group
Tantalum CapacitorsSMD tantalum, axial lead tantalum, low ESR, and polymer tantalum capacitorsNemco


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