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We are Suntsu.

Suntsu is an all-in-one manufacturer, franchised distributor, and independent distributor of high-quality electronic components. We help tech companies save money, conquer component challenges, and simplify their supply chains by offering complimentary engineering support, exceptional manufacturing, responsible sourcing, and inventory-management programs.

Our brand promises:

We help our customers save money.

We manage orders with fanatical attention to detail.

We supply high-quality parts delivered on time.

We provide complimentary engineering support.

We design custom inventory management solutions.

Component Challenges Conquered. Supply Chain Simplified.

Our History

A Brief History

2002 — Suntsu Frequency Control, Inc. is established as a supplier of quartz-based timing devices.

2012 — Nexsun Electronics, Inc. is formed following Suntsu’s acquisition of an electronics distribution company located in Southern California to offer a broader range of products to our customers.

2014 — Nexsun acquires Nemco Electronics Corporation, a supplier of quality tantalum capacitors since 1975.

2016 — Suntsu drops “Frequency Control” from its name to coincide with the addition of filters and printed circuit boards to its product line.

2017 — Nexsun acquires Straight Road Electronics, Inc., a distributor of electronic components to further expand our breadth of products.

2018 — Suntsu adds antennas, connectors, and cables to its product line.