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Knowing which supplier to use on product development can be a crap shoot! That’s why all of our franchised manufacturer partners have been selected with special attention paid to:

Sound manufacturing practices that produce high quality products

Their documented track record of meeting delivery commitments

The responsiveness of their sales and engineering teams

Once selected, we closely monitor their performance to avoid any interruptions to your supply chain.

Our Franchised Manufacturer Partners:

AmethernSince 1994, Ametherm has provided the most reliable and effective inrush current limiting solutions available. We deliver on that promise through innovative design, quality Ametherm - Circuit Protection Thermistorsmanufacturing, and exceptional customer support.Thermistors, Inrush current limiters, Circuit protection
AmphenolAmphenol is a leader in Industrial interconnect products. The company designs, manufacturers and supplies high-performance interconnect systems for a broad range of Industrial applications including factory automation, motion control, heavy equipment, alternative energy, rail mass transportation and advanced technology solutions for hybrid-electric vehicles. The company's headquarters are located Clinton Township, Michigan with global manufacturing, engineering, sales and service operations.XLR multipin, C, M and 44 series circular, Molded cable assemblies
AmtekIn the 25 years since its establishment, Amtek has evolved into a leading worldwide professional manufacturer of various connectors. Our connectors are furnished in a wide variety of styles and configurations to suit any design requirements. In addition to standard ranges, custom-built connectors can be designed, developed and manufactured to meet your individual requirements.Cable assemblies, Board2board, Header / socket, FPC and FFC
BointecBointec is a wireless network system and solution provider that develops networking /radio networking equipment, embedded system porting and applications that help our partner to integrate in the product and solutions.SPG, GDT and MOV circuit protection
BrightKingSince 2001, BrightKing has been involved in the circuit protection industry, growing from a single-product supplier to a cutting-edge company that offers a full range of circuit protection components and solutions.SPG, GDT and MOV circuit protection
CalChipCal-Chip Electronics is a Specialist in Surface Mounted Devices. We are committed to "Quality Excellence" through the dedication of our employees, and allocation of all our recources to the manufacture and supply of "ZERO DEFECT" products. "Our mission is to supply all of our customers on time, every time and to the "Highest Quality Standards".CHIP LEDs, Ferrite beads, High Q, Low ESR MLCC capacitors
DainaDAINA was founded in 1989. In Taiwan's LED packaging industry, we are the professional supplier of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and related products. We manufacture various LED products, which can be used in many fields, including information board, traffic lights, automobile lighting, liquid crystal backlight, and special lighting. We also have large market shares.LED lamps, SMD LEDs, SuperFlux LEDs
DegsonFounded in 1990, Degson is one of the leading manufacturers and hi-tech enterprises of terminal blocks in industrial connection fields.Spring terminal block, Interface relay modules
ECEAt ECE, we are always endeavoring in building up close cooperation relationships with our customers and in assisting them in maintaining their leading positions. The ways we achieve success are relying on product creativities, process integration and facilities development.Terminal blocks, FPC and FCC connectors, Board2board
ICCInternational Components Corporation (ICC) has been supplying components to the Electronics Industry for over 40 years. Our company offers a diversified range of products…Audible devices, Speakers, Microphones, Capacitors, Semiconductors
JMOEstablished in 2010, Shenzhen JMO CO. specializes in manufacturing TFT LCM, P-Cap Touch Solution and Optical Lamination from 1.54 inch to 12.1 inch. Our customized LCD products are tailored for a broad range of applications: smart phone, VoIP phone, POS machine, smart watch, Multi-function printer, Industrial HMI, car multimedia, medical equipment, etc.TFT and CTP (capacitive touch panel) displays, LCM mainboard modules, HDMI boards
KPDEstablished in 1997, KPD Electronics boasts its powerful production capacity of an annual output of 1.5 billion NTC chips and 500 million thermistors in various series together with over 10 million of temperature sensors.Thermistors, Drop sensors, Glass sealed and Surface mount thermistors
MaglayersEstablished in April of 1990, Mag Layers USA, Inc. set out to provide a high quality and cost-effective component solution to the growing electronic industry. Mag Layers’ commitment to innovative technology, with advanced material, component design, processing, and automation, helps us to develop cutting edge and exciting products to the market.RF passive filters –low, band, and high, networking discrete transformers, RF antennas, multilayer chip inductors
MicrocrystalMicro Crystal AG is a leading manufacturer of Miniature Quartz Crystals, Real Time Clocks, Oscillators and OCXOs for the world’s leading manufacturers of IoT, wearable, automotive, industrial and medical applications.low frequency miniature SMD Crystals, Oscillators and Real-Time Clock modules (RTC's) (Currently available via our Suntsu UK office)
MCIMCI Transformer Corporation specializes in magnetic component manufacturing of catalog and custom transformers. We provide a wide range of magnetics from power transformers, chokes, class 2 transformers, UL 60601-1 medical certified transformers, current, toroid, and AC & DC switch mode with configurations of horizontal and vertical PC board or chassis mount.Power transformers, Chokes, Class 2 transformers
NCRNCR was established in 2003, as one of the leading relay manufacturers in China with more than 600 staff. We are generous for investing the most advanced production equipment and technology worldwide. The annual output is over 100 million pieces.Latching relays, PCB relays, Power and Industrial relays
NexemNEXEM (formerly NEC-Tokin) has been a market leader in high reliability, miniaturized signal relays for over 40 years.Miniature signal relay, Miniature power relays, Automotive power relays
NichiconSince its founding in 1950, Nichicon has constantly been involved in the development, production and sales of capacitors and circuit products that are essential for many types of electric and electronic products.Electrolytic capacitors, Inrush current limiters, Thermal sensing
OSTOn-Shore Technology, Inc. (OST) founded in 1988, headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, is a leading international supplier of interconnect products to the computer, control, telecom and other electronic industries.Interconnects, Terminal blocks and Cables
PDIPower Dynamics offers a comprehensive range of interconnect products which are designed and manufactured to meet the application requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide.IEC / NEMA receptacles and Power cords, Information Technology (ITE) interconnects, Harsh environment/agriculture solutions.
RapidConnOur focus is to “Design, Manufacture, and Distribute Connectors and Cable Assemblies”. Rapid Conn, Inc. 27,000 square feet facility is located in Foothill Ranch, California.Wire harness, Micro-coaxial cables, Custom enclosures
SentinelSentinel® designs and manufactures modular connector systems for the premise wiring, computer networking, medical and telecommunications Industries.Cat 5e, 6 and 6a high speed Ethernet connectors, Cat 5 and 5e Ethernet jacks.
SCIShin Chin Industrial Co., Ltd. was established by Mr. K. L. Hong in 1953. During the initial stage, SCI endeavored in manufacturing switches and knobs for domestic industry, to date the extensive products range from switches, related electronic parts, auto parts & accessories to lighting have occupied the worldwide markets.LED lighting and indicators, Waterproof, Illuminated and Key switches, Foot switches, Knobs
SunLEDSunLED is one of the world's leading manufacturers of optoelectronic components. Since established in 1989, SunLED has grown and propelled to offer an extensive line of LED Lamps, Surface Mount LEDs, and LED Displays that are RoHS and REACH compliant.Circuit board indicators, SMD LEDs, IR LEDS
SurgeSurge Components, Incorporated was founded in 1981, and has grown into a leading supplier of electronic component products. Surge’s current product portfolio includes aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, MLCC, discrete semiconductors, and switches.Electrolytic capacitors, Film capacitors, Polymer ESD, and Discrete semiconductors
AlphaTaiwan Alpha Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1970 as the first potentiometer manufacturer in Taiwan. With the insistence of management concept " Quality, Responsibility , and Service " Taiwan Alpha has successfully expanded and grown to become one of the top 5 manufacturers.Force, Position, and Rotary resistive sensor, Potentiometers
TAIWAYEstablished in 1976, TAIWAY is one of the leading manufacturers of switches, electrical switches brands in Taiwan. TAIWAY serves demands from various industries including telecommunications, medical equipment, computer peripherals and networking equipment, instrumentation and hand-held electronic devices.Detection switches, Industrial controls, UL67 switches
TocosIncorporated in the state of Illinois in October 1984, TOCOS is a subsidiary of Tokyo Cosmos Electric Company, LTD., a worldwide supplier of electronic components specializing in quality potentiometer products.Hall effect sensors, Potentiometers and Trimmers
VimexFounded in 1991 with a commitment to offer professional service, and high-tech quality products, Vimex focuses on supplying their manufacturing clients with resistive and electro-mechanical components suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries.Potentiometers, XLR, Phone and Speaker connectors, AC/DC jacks, Switches
YuanDeanYDS was established in 1990 at Tainan, Taiwan and our factory Ho Mao electronics was established in 1995 at Xiamen, China. We are the leading manufacturer with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified and specializes in various products such as DC/DC converter, AC/DC converter, RJ45 with magnetics, 10/100/1G/2.5G/10G Base-T Lan filter, Delay Lines, all kinds of Transformer, Inductor, LED Driver/Lighting products and Power bank.DC-DC / AC-DC convertors, Telecom transformers

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