Electronic BNC Connectors

Suntsu offers BNC connectors with multiple options. The impedance is from 50ohms to 75ohms with industrial grade. The size is miniature with lightweight, and the performance is reliable. Suntsu BNC connectors feature a nickel-plated, brass body designed to terminate to a variety of PCBs. The mount types are available in straight and right-angle configurations. Pick out a standard part number from the data sheets below or contact our sales team to request any custom parameters that you desire, and we will design to your specific needs.

Part No.ImageNumber of ConnectorsImpedanceFrequency RangeMounting StyleData Sheet
SCNBN-J1150-SOIPMSCNBN-J1150-SOIPM1500-2 GHzIsolated from PanelDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J1150-SOREPSCNBN-J1150-SOREP1500-4 GHzReceptacle for PCB MountDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J1150-SORPMSCNBN-J1150-SORPM1500-2 GHzRight Angle PCB MountDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J1150-SOSPMSCNBN-J1150-SOSPM1500-2 GHzStraight Panel MountDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J1175-SORBPSCNBN-J1175-SORBP1750-1 GHzRight Angle Bulkhead PCB MountDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J1175-SORLMSCNBN-J1175-SORLM1750-1 GHzRight Angle with Long Body PCB MountDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J1175-SORPMSCNBN-J1175-SORPM1750-1 GHzRight Angle PCB MountDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J1250-SORPMSCNBN-J1250-SORPM2500-2 GHzRight Angle PCB MountDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J2450-SORPMSCNBN-J2450-SORPM8500-4 GHzRight Angle PCB MountDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J1150-SORBPSCNBN-J2250-SORPM1500-4 GHzright angle bulkhead PCB mountDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J1175-SOPERSCNBN-J1275-SOPMR1750-4 GHzPCB Edge Mount receptacleDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J1175-SOREMSCNBN-J2150-SORPM1750-4 GHzreceptacle mounting holeDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J1175-SORPESCNBN-J1175-SOPER1750-4 GHzright angle PCB mount exposedDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J1175-SOSPMSCNBN-J1175-SOREM1750-4 GHzStraight PCB MountDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J1275-SOPMRSCNBN-J1175-SORPE2750-4 GHzPCB mount Recpetacle RADatasheet Download
SCNBN-J1375-SOPMRSCNBN-J1175-SOSPM3750-4 GHzPCB mount Recpetacle RADatasheet Download
SCNBN-J2150-SORPMSCNBN-J1375-SOPMR2500-4 GHzright angle PCB mountDatasheet Download
SCNBN-J2250-SORPMSCNBN-J1150-SORBP4500-4 GHzright angle PCB mountDatasheet Download
SCNHB-J1175-SORGMSCNHB-J1175-SORGM1750-6 GHzRight Angle Gold Bulkhead PCB MountDatasheet Download
SCNHB-J1175-SORPMSCNHB-J1175-SORPM1750-12 GHzRight Angle PCB MountDatasheet Download


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