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Supply Chain Simplified.

Our inventory management solutions are custom designed to help you meet your supply-chain goals. We strive to help our customers reduce operating costs and streamline production. Benefits of these programs include:

Simplified Purchasing
Eliminate multiple purchase orders and deliveries. Streamlined procurement saves you time and money that goes straight to your bottom line.

Lower Operational Costs
Lock in pricing. Save on shipping. Minimize pipeline delays. Conserve resources. Pay for parts only when you need them.

Inventory Visibility
Suntsu actively sources parts based on your forecast, consumption, and lead times to ensure your pipeline stays full.

Supply Chain Management
Suntsu has the capacity to procure, carry and release stock as you need it. Just in time. Let us help you reduce your inventory overhead.

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We help our customers build better products, save time, save money, and improve cash-flow/lead-times through inventory management programs.


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