Suntsu Electronics Watch Crystal SWS834

Watch Crystals

Suntsu Watch Crystals are available in through-hole or surface-mount packaging with many sizes to choose from. Pick out a standard part number from the data sheets below or contact our sales team to request any custom parameters that you desire and we will design to your specific needs.

Watch Crystals have piezoelectric properties; they develop an electric potential upon the application of mechanical stress. They are the most common type of piezoelectric resonator used today.

SeriesImagePackageStability ToFrequencyReelKey FeatureDatasheet
SWS112SWS112 Crystal1.6X1.0 CERAMIC SMD (2PAD)±20ppm32.768kHz3KUltra-Miniature PackageDatasheet Download
SWS212SWS212 Crystal2.0X1.2 CERAMIC SMD (2PAD)±10ppm/±20ppm32.768kHz3KUltra-Miniature PackageDatasheet Download
SWS312SWS312 Crystal3.2X1.5 CERAMIC SMD (2PAD)±10ppm/±20ppm32.768kHz3KUltra-Miniature PackageDatasheet Download
SWS412SWS412 Crystal4.1X1.5 CERAMIC SMD (2PAD)±10ppm/±20ppm32.768kHz3KUltra-Miniature PackageDatasheet Download
SWS614SWS614 Crystal6.9X1.4 PLASTIC SMD (4PAD)±10ppm/±20ppm32.768kHz3KMiniature PackageDatasheet Download
SWS732SWS732 Crystal7.0X3.15 CERAMIC SMD (2PAD)±10ppm/±20ppm32.768kHz3KUltra-Miniature PackageDatasheet Download
SWS832SWS832 Crystal8.0X3.7 CERAMIC SMD (2PAD)±10ppm/±20ppm30.000kHz - 2000.0kHz4KHigh shock and vibration resistantDatasheet Download
SWS834SWS834 Crystal8.0X3.8 PLASTIC SMD (4PAD)±10ppm/±20ppm32.768kHz3KLow Cost, Standard PackageDatasheet Download
SWS144SWS144 Crystal10.4X4.06 PLASTIC SMD (4PAD)±10ppm/±20ppm32.768kHz2KPlastic SMD 4 Pad PackageDatasheet Download
SWT622STF622 Crystal6.2X2.1 TUNING FORK±10ppm/±20ppm32.768kHzN/ALow Cost, Standard PackageDatasheet Download
SWT832STF622 Crystal8.3X3.2 TUNING FORK±10ppm/±20ppm32.768kHzN/ALow Cost, Standard PackageDatasheet Download
SWG622SWG622 Crystal6.3X2.5 TUNING FORK GULLWING±10ppm/±20ppm32.768kHz2KLow CostDatasheet Download
SWG6J2SWG6J2 Crystal6.3X2.5 TUNING FORK GULLWING±10ppm/±20ppm32.768kHz2KMiniature Package.Datasheet Download

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