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Suntsu power inductors are available in surface-mount packaging with various package sizes. Suntsu inductor has low DCR and high rated current with a magnetic shielded structure which achieves excellent resistance to EMI. The products were designed with lightweight and small form factors that are suitable for high-density SMT. The operating temperature is -40~125°C, and the product is AEC-Q200 compliant. which can be used in buck converter, laptop, display, network communication equipment, etc. Pick out a standard part number from the datasheet or contact our sales team to request any custom parameters that you desire, and we will design to your specific needs.

SeriesImageSMT Package Size RangeThroughhole Package Size RangeTolerancePassband WidthKey FeatureReelKey Feature
SP0420SIDMP-SP0420 SeriesStandard SMT 4.4x4.2x1.8mm±20%-40°C ~ 125°C0.10µH - 10.00µH2000Low Loss, High Efficiency, Wide Application Frequency
SP0530SIDMP-SP0530 SeriesStandard SMT 5.4x5.2x2.8mm±20%-40°C ~ 125°C0.22µH - 22.00µH2000Low Loss, High Efficiency, Wide Application Frequency
SP0730SIDMP-SP0730 SeriesStandard SMT 7.25x6.6x2.8mm±20%-40°C ~ 125°C0.10µH - 33.00µH1000Low Loss, High Efficiency, Wide Application Frequency
SP0740SIDMP-SP0740 SeriesStandard SMT 7.25x6.6x3.8mm±20%-40°C ~ 125°C0.13µH - 47.00µH1000Low Loss, High Efficiency, Wide Application Frequency
SP1040SIDMP-SP1040 SeriesStandard SMT 11.5x10.0x3.8mm±20%-40°C ~ 125°C0.15µH - 82.00µH800Low Loss, High Efficiency, Wide Application Frequency
SD1280SIDSP-SD1280 SeriesSMT, Shiled/Drum12.0x12.0x7.8mm±20%, ±30%-40°C ~ 125°C1.40µH - 1000.00µH500Low DCR, High Rated Current

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