Suntsu RF Cables

Suntsu RF Cables

Suntsu RF Cable Assemblies are engineered to excel in challenging communications applications. Whether you’re facing design challenges or unsure of what you need, Suntsu can develop a high-quality and high-performance solution tailored to your WiFi, GPS, LTE, Bluetooth, or other wireless communications application. Choose from several standard cable assembly configurations in the table below, or construct your own from popular end connector and cable types, including RG braided, micro coax, and low loss types.

Part NumberCable Jacket MaterialConnector Type "A"Connector Type "B"ImpedanceCable TypeDatasheet
SCBRF-X6ARAAP-RAMS-NYMSPVCRP-SMA - Male - StraightN-TYPE - Male - Straight50RG-58
SCBRF-X6ARGAP-SAMS-SAMSPVCSMA - Male - StraightSMA - Male - Straight50RG-178
SCBRF-X6ARGAP-SAFS-MMMRPVCSMA - Female - StraightMMCX - Male - Right Angle50RG-178
SCBRF-X6ARGAP-NYFS-MMMRPVCN-TYPE - Female - StraightMMCX - Male - Right Angle50RG-178
SCBRF-X6ARGAP-MMMRPVCMMCX - Male - Right AngleOpen50RG-178
SCBRF-X6ARMAP-SAMS-SAMSPVCSMA - Male - StraightSMA - Male - Straight50RG-316
SCBRF-X6ARMAP-SAMS-SAFSPVCSMA - Male - StraightSMA - Female - Straight50RG-316
SCBRF-X6ARMAP-SAMR-SAMRPVCSMA - Male - Right AngleSMA - Male - Right Angle50RG-316
SCBRF-X6AS1AP-MMMR-P1MRPVCMMCX - Male - Right AngleIPEX - Male Right Angle501.37
SCBRF-X6AS1AP-RAFR-P1MRPVCRP-SMA - Female - Right AngleIPEX - Male Right Angle501.37
SCBRF-X6AS1AP-SAFS-P1MRPVCSMA - Female - StraightIPEX - Male Right Angle501.32
SCBRF-X6AS2AF-RAFS-P1MRFEPRP-SMA - Female - StraightIPEX - Male Right Angle501.32
SCBRF-X6AS3AF-SAFS-P1MRFEPSMA - Female - StraightIPEX - Male Right Angle501.13
SCBRF-X6AS3AF-RAFSFEPRP-SMA - Female - StraightOpen501.13
SCBRF-X6AC2AF-SAMS-NYMSFEPSMA - Male - StraightN-TYPE - Male - Straight50CFD-200

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