Suntsu Products

Suntsu began as a supplier of quartz-based timing devices way back in 2002. By 2016, Suntsu added filters and printed circuit boards to its product line-up. Today, Suntsu also manufactures a wide variety of antennas, connectors, and cables.


Suntsu offers a variety of chip, indoor, outdoor, patch, NFC, and printed circuit board antennas for every application.

Frequency Control

Suntsu’s claim to fame began with frequency control devices. We manufacture through-hole and surface-mount Crystals, OscillatorsVoltage-Controlled Crystal OscillatorsTemperature-Compensated Crystal OscillatorsOven-Controlled Crystal Oscillators, and Rubidium Oscillators.


Suntsu RF Cable Assemblies are engineered to excel in challenging communications applications. Our RF coaxial connectors are precision-crafted for high-performance wireless system applications.

Printed Circuit Boards

Suntsu FR Rigid PCBs can meet a wide range of applications from IPC-6012 Class 2 standard electronics to IPC-6012 Class 3A Space and Military Avionics. Our Rigid-Flex and Flexible PCBs offer a light-weight and fold-able alternative to standard PCBs. Suntsu Aluminum PCBs are designed for LED Lighting, power systems, and other applications that require heat dissipation along with electrical operations.

SAW Filters

Suntsu offers a wide center frequency range going from 30MHz to 150MHz for the IF SAW Filter family and 100MHz to 2.7GHz for the RF SAW Filter family.