Suntsu Printed Circuit Boards

Suntsu began as a supplier of quartz-based timing devices way back in 2002. By 2016, Suntsu added filters and printed circuit boards to its product line-up. Today, Suntsu also manufactures a wide variety antennas, connectors and cables.

Aluminum PCB

Printed Circuit Boards - Aluminum PCBs

Suntsu Aluminum PCBs are designed for LED Lighting, power systems, and other applications that require heat dissipation along with electrical operations. Thermal conductivity up to 8W.

Flexible PCBs

Printed Circuit Boards - Flexible PCBs

Suntsu Rigid-Flex and Flexible PCBs offer a light-weight and fold-able alternative to standard PCBs. Can support designs going up to 12 layers with options for Polyamide and Polyester flex material and with the same wide range of materials for the rigid portion of the design.

Rigid PCBs

Printed Circuit Boards - Rigid PCBs

Suntsu FR Rigid PCBs can meet a wide range of applications from IPC-6012 Class 2 standard electronics to IPC-6012 Class 3A Space and Military Avionics. Can support designs going up to 48 layers with a wide selection of glass transition and finishes covering even the most challenging PCB designs. Halogen Free and High Frequency materials also available.