Powering IoT: Nichicon Introduces High-Performance LTO Batteries

Batteries and other energy storage devices are an essential part of technology today, from simple wireless sensors to even the most complex product designs. Some of the most common battery technologies include alkaline batteries, like those that are used in many consumer products (think Duracell or the Energizer Bunny), and the rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries utilized in mobile phones.

While many of these battery options have cut-and-dry uses, it’s been relatively unclear how newer energy storage devices and their technology can be used in IoT applications to extend their operating life, such as in wireless sensor applications.

Nichicon Corporation is a company that has been in the business for over 70 years, developing and producing capacitors and circuits. While their specialty is Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, they offer other products, including switching power supplies and function modules, and are dedicated to continuously delivering first-rate products to their customers.

Their latest release is a series of small Lithium Titanate rechargeable batteries designed to be the optimal solution for compact IoT devices, wearables, and more. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these batteries so effective for extending the operational life of IoT devices.

Nichicon Batteries

Nichicon’s LTO Rechargeable Batteries

Nichicon’s batteries are available in five package sizes, ranging from 3mm x 7mm to 12.5mm x 40mm. They have a nominal voltage of 2.4V, have an energy capacity from 0.35mAh to 150mAh, and offer board-mount pin type mounting with no fixturing required. These batteries are also UL 1642 & IEC 62133-2 certified, ensuring the safety and reliability of their products.

Part NumberSLB03070LR35SLB03090LR80SLB04255L040SLB08115L140SLB12400L151
Size (mm)φ3×7Lφ3.3×9Lφ4×25.5Lφ8×11.5Lφ12.5×40L
Nominal capacity (mAh)0.350.8414150
Max. charge / discharge current (mA)716802803000
Weight (g)
Nominal voltage2.4V2.4V2.4V2.4V2.4V
Max. charge voltage
(Under continuous charge)
Discharge cutoff voltage
(Under continuous discharge)
Temperature range-30 to 60ºC-30 to 60ºC-30 to 60ºC-30 to 60ºC-30 to 60ºC

What are Lithium Titanate Batteries

Supercapacitors have been used as alternatives to regular batteries since they deliver energy roughly 10x faster than the average battery. However, batteries can deliver more energy over a longer period of time than supercapacitors are capable of. The two are often used in conjunction with one another to overcome their shortcomings.

Lithium Titanate-Oxide (LTO) batteries are a relatively recent addition to lithium-based batteries. These batteries use lithium titanate for the batteries’ negative electrodes, allowing for a higher cycle life with lower self leakage than other lithium technology. LTO batteries bridge the gap between supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries, creating a ‘hybrid’ type battery that combines the best features of the two.

The LTO Advantage

Nichicon’s LTO batteries bridge the gap, offering the best of both worlds.

Ultra-Long Life

These batteries maintain a whopping 80% capacity after a staggering 25,000 charge cycles! That translates to years of reliable operation in your IoT devices.

Fast Charging and Discharging

Need a quick power boost? LTO batteries deliver high input and output density, similar to supercapacitors, but with more overall energy storage.

Low-Power Friendly

These efficient batteries can be charged using low-power energy harvesting techniques, perfect for eco-conscious designs.

Cold Weather Warrior

Unlike some batteries that struggle in the cold, LTO batteries keep going even at -30°C – ideal for harsh environments.

Safety First

Peace of mind is built-in. LTO batteries have an extremely low risk of explosion or ignition, even under demanding conditions.

LTO Battery Applications

LTO batteries are perfect for a wide range of applications, including:

  • IoT devices
  • Wearable technologies
  • Smart meters
  • Automotive auxiliary power supplies
  • Portable test and measurement devices
  • Asset management devices
IoT device using LTO battery

Check out the links below to learn more about LTO batteries and other energy storage options for IoT applications.

Looking for more information or have some questions? Reach out to one of
our engineering experts. We’re here to help you create what’s next!

Looking for more information or have some questions? Reach out to one of our engineering experts. We’re here to help you create what’s next!


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