Amtek Technology: Your One-Stop-Shop for Connectors

At Suntsu Electronics, we’re dedicated to finding the very best partners to help our engineers, purchasing managers, and contract manufacturers overcome their supply chain challenges. This month, we’re shining a spotlight on Amtek Technology Co. Ltd., a connector components leader whose insert-molding technology, commitment to quality, and focus on customization perfectly align with our own mission.

About Amtek: A History of Innovation

Amtek Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of electronic connectors established in 1997 in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Since then, they’ve grown into a respected company with over 350 employees and multiple manufacturing facilities. Amtek is committed to providing their customers with high-quality, reliable connector products. They achieve this through strict adherence to ISO 9001 quality standards (and IATF 16949 for those demanding automotive applications) and by using state-of-the-art equipment in their manufacturing process.

One of the things that sets Amtek apart is their focus on versatility. They utilize a high-mix, low-volume manufacturing strategy, allowing them to offer a wide variety of connector solutions to suit any need. This includes everything from standard, off-the-shelf options to custom-designed connectors. Additionally, Amtek participates in the OEM/ODM development and manufacturing process. This means they can design and produce connectors themselves, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific requirements. This approach allows Amtek to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices, often with faster lead times than traditional methods.

The name ‘Amtek’ itself reflects the company’s core values: Aggressive, Manufacture, Technology, Environment, and Knowledge. This translates into a commitment to competitive pricing, cutting-edge technology, and a willingness to share their expertise with customers. Amtek also demonstrates their environmental and social responsibility through ISO 14001 certification and their corporate social responsibility programs.

Amtek’s Certifications


Products, Specs & Applications

From automated processes like CCD inspection to a vast range of connectors, Amtek delivers the goods to meet – and exceed – any customer demand.

Product Offering: Your Connector One-Stop Shop

Some of Amtek’s main product offerings include:

  • Connectors
  • Cable assemblies
  • Terminal blocks
  • RF connectors & cabling
  • Customized product development

Lead Times

As for their products, Amtek has the following ETD lead times:

4 - 6 weeks 2 - 3 weeks

Competitor Product Cross

Amtek products provide excellent alternatives to competitors like:

Custom Products

Off-the-shelf not enough? Amtek shines in creating custom connectors. From concept to reality, they utilize CAE analysis, mechanical simulation, and moldflow analysis for the perfect fit to your specifications.


Amtek solutions power projects across diverse industries, such as:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Automotive electronics
  • Communication networks
  • Medical devices
  • Consumer products
  • Custom projects of all scales

Success Stories

While their products are used in numerous projects from companies across the world, some notable examples of projects using Amtek products are:

  • Jungheinrich forklifts
  • Ducati motorcycles
  • General Motors signal indicators
  • Daimler wireless charging
  • Volkswagen HOD ECU

Partnering for Success

At Suntsu, we’re committed to sourcing the best components the industry has to offer, empowering our customers to overcome supply chain challenges and bring their designs to life. Amtek’s focus on quality, flexibility, and problem-solving aligns perfectly with our mission, making them a natural fit for our carefully curated collection of vendors.

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