Winstar introduces 7.0″ TFT and 2.7″ OLED with /without frame displays

Winstar just sent us Issue No. 100 of their new product introduction newsletter.  And they continue to create cutting edge and innovative products.

First, the WF70M 7.0″ M Series is a TFT-LCD system that includes a built-in control board that supports both an RS232 and SPI interface.  This flexibility allows product designers to us the WF70M for both:

  • products that use a built-in display using SPI like a kiosk or
  • products that have an external computing unit using RS232 like a signage display

This model also comes with a Capacitive Touch Panel option – further making it a great display to design-in.

Second pair of products are 2.7″ 128×64 pixel graphic OLED displays.  The WEF0123864Q is the framed version for easy mounting.  WEFO0123864Q is the version without frame.  Both are designed with a chip-on-glass structure, making the unit lightweight, low power and very thing.