The Great Outdoors: Designing products for outdoor temperatures

We’ve been getting more and more customers asking advice on how to design for the great outdoors.  In our first article, we covered water and dust resistant designs.   This second article is focused on how to design that products can survive the outdoor environment.  This is no small feat considering the hottest temperature ever recorded was 57.8…
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July Product News: Winstar releases two 10.1″ displays

Winstar, a maker of industrial displays, has released two models of 10.1 inch IPS TFT-LCD. We are particularly excited by the WF101GTAAPLNT0.  The WF101GTAAPLNT0 is the resistive touch anti-glare model designed for bright lighting conditions or outdoor.  Resistive touch screens are typically more durable when exposed dust and water. And it can detect stylus, gloved-hands and other wide…
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ECE solderable relays

Goodsky/ECE release Reflow Solderable Electromechanical Relay

Goodsky/ECE introduces a very innovative series of Reflow Solderable Relays in both SMT and Through-hole type.  By being designed to go through the high temperatures of solder reflow, the through-hole type relay allow PCB assembly to go through only one production reflow sodlering process. There is no longer needing additional wave or hand soldering of…
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Outdoor Enclosures

The Great Outdoors: How to select parts for water and dust resistance

Last year, I wrote about the trends in PCBs – reduce size but more computation power, features and capabilities.  One major benefit of the reduced size and increased efficiency is the ability move the products that might have traditionally in a fixed indoor location.   More and more, products are now being pushed into “The Great Outdoors”. We’ve…
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Degson releases new products, including UL1000V Board to Wire Solution

Degson’s June New Product announcement had 13 new interconnect and terminal block solutions.  The smallest but clever product is the K78 – a barebones type board to wire connector.  With the DG636S-6.35 and DG218-2.5; Degson has innovated in 45? insertable 630V and 160V rated industrial terminal blocks. What really excited us was the DG271V-7.5-DA-06AH.  This…
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Winstar 1 Display

Winstar introduces 7.0″ TFT and 2.7″ OLED with /without frame displays

Winstar just sent us Issue No. 100 of their new product introduction newsletter.  And they continue to create cutting edge and innovative products. First, the WF70M 7.0″ M Series is a TFT-LCD system that includes a built-in control board that supports both an RS232 and SPI interface.  This flexibility allows product designers to us the…
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ECE Components

ECE’s Fine Pitch 0.635mm Board to Board SMT Connectors

ECE has announced a new Plug and Socket series for board to board interconnects.   The EBB-PS25 Series includes a mating EBB-PS25 Plug and EBB-PS25 Socket with a fine pitch of 0.635mm contact spacing.  The series allows two PCB boards to get a secure connection for up to 60 pins. To learn more, contact us.
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Degson DG213-5.0

Degson New Products, Feb 2017

Degson announced three new products to support a wide range of applicatons as well as  more products in the modular industrial automation terminal blocks. The DG220A/B-2.1 is a great push-in termination system for junction boxes.   The DGK11-001 is an IP64 protected, UV proof enclosure with rail interface system.  And the DG213-5.0 (pictured) is a…
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WPI Wireless Business Unit releases new Isolator Coupler product line

At Nexsun Electronics, we have seen the design challenges of our  Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) customers get ever more complex and compact over the past 4 years.  In the case of electric and other utility meters, the compact designs means a close proximity to both: power wires carrying high voltages and high currents that can…
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SunLED releases Heart Rate Sensor LEDs

Lighting the way towards the next chapter in LED evolution, SunLED introduces the HRS Series of Hear Rate Sensor LEDs.  These LEDs are ideal for compact devices such as wearable electronics. Read more in SunLED’s February 2017 Digital Newsletter, click here.
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