SQG75L Series – 7.0MM X 5.0MM Ceramic SMD Quick Turn 6 Pad LVDS Oscillator

3D Product View

3D View


• ±20ppm (Frequency Stability) Available
• Ceramic Package
• Programmed Oscillator
• Tape and Reel


• Micro Processors
• Storage Area/Networking
• Digital Video

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Electrical Parameters

Frequency RangeMHz81500
Frequency Stability (Includes Initial
Tolerance at 25°C, Frequency Stability
over Operating Temperature, Output Load
Change, Supply Voltage Change, and First
Year Aging at 25°C.)
ppm-20+20See part numbering guide for options.
Operating Temperature°C-40+85See part numbering guide for options.
Storage Temperature°C-55+125
Supply Voltage (VDD) - 2.5V OptionV2.3752.52.625
Supply Voltage (VDD) - 3.3V OptionV3.1253.33.465
Current (IDD) - 2.5V OptionmA50
Current (IDD) - 3.3V OptionmA60
Output Load (LVDS)Ω100
Output Logic Levels High (VOH) V1.431.6
Output Logic Levels Low (VOL) V0.91.1
Differential Output Voltage (VOD)mV247330545
Differential Output Error (DVOD)mV50
Offset Voltage(VOS)V1.1251.2501.375
Offset Error (DVOS)mV50
Rise (TR) and Fall (TF) Timens1
Symmetry (Duty Cycle)%455055
Tri-State Input Voltage - EnableV0.7*VDDNo Connection
Tri-State Input Voltage - DisableV0.3*VDD
Start-Up Timems10
Phase Jitter (12kHz ~ 20MHz)ps0.71.5Fractional Mode
Phase Jitter (12kHz ~ 20MHz)ps0.30.5Integer Mode

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