Asahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) Factory Fire

Image Source: On October twentieth Suntsu Electronics, Inc. was notified of a semiconductor factory fire at AKM in Nobeoka, Japan. AKM produces IC’s for many TCXO products utilized by all major Frequency Control manufacturers across the globe. The full impact of this fire is not currently known, but initial estimates put the AKM factory…
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Introducing Suntsu Electronics’ Newest Partner: Micro Crystal AG

Suntsu Electronics is proud to announce its latest partnership agreement with Micro Crystal AG. Founded in 1978 in Grenchen, Switzerland, Micro Crystal started as a producer of Tuning Fork Crystals for watches. Today, Micro Crystal AG is a leading manufacturer of Miniature Quartz Crystals (30 kHz to 250 MHz), Real Time Clocks, Oscillators and OCXOs…
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Suntsu Signs a NEW European Distributor: Tronic One

“With the addition of Suntsu to our supplier network, we are gaining a manufacturer with high-quality products and opening up new design possibilities in the field of frequency products.” Peter Thoma, CEO Tronic One Suntsu Electronics is pleased to announce our newest partnership with Tronic One GmbH. Established in 2006, Tronic One offers a multitude…
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Suntsu Now Offers Crystals Equivalent to Epson MC-406 and MA-406 Crystals

Epson MC-406 and MA-406 crystals will be obsolete by the end of 2020 (see Epson’s EOL Notice).  The EOL status of Epson’s MC-406 and MA-406 crystals will leave current users searching for substitutes. Fortunately, Suntsu is offering a drop-in replacement with our newest crystals: SWS144 and SXT144. Below is a comparison of SWS144 and SXT144 vs MC-406 and MA-406 crystals. • The SWS144…
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Suntsu and EarthQuaker Devices Make Music Together

In 2004, EarthQuaker Devices (EQD) founder and musician Jamie Stillman discovered a passion for electronics after fixing a broken overdrive. Soon thereafter he turned his Akron Ohio basement into a full-blown pedal factory and started selling his devices on eBay. With demand on the rise, a basement stuffed to capacity, and a myriad of ideas…
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Suntsu Electronics, Inc. Announces New Distributor Partnership with Artec Lantec

Suntsu has signed a distribution agreement with Artec Lantec, a thriving electronic components distributor in Israel with a focus on offering customer solutions from the design stage to the production since 1995. Anke Allen, Director of European Sales, commented, “Over the past 25 years Artec Lantec has become a very well-known and highly experienced electronics…
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Suntsu Builds Deep Vendor Relationship with Powerteq

In just over a decade, Powerteq has gone from a start-up to a powerhouse leader in performance tuning in the automotive aftermarket segment. As a division of High Performance Industries, Powerteq oversees six established brands: APR, Dinan, DiabloSport, Edge Products, Range Technology, and Superchips. With six brands under their wing, they cover a wide range…
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High Temperature Miniature Size SMD OCXO Made For 5G Infrastructures

The telecommunications industry demands a lot from the transfer of large-capacity content such as video shares at high-speed transfer rates. Consequently, that also means there is demand for the installation of numerous small base stations. OCXOs are built to meet temperature requirements demanded by heater power. Normal operating temperatures for OCXOs fall between 75°C to…
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Suntsu Electronics Designs Custom Stratum 3 TCXOs for Silicon Lab ICs

Suntsu Electronics introduces the latest Stratum 3 TCXO specially designed for Silicon Lab ICs. These TCXOs come in small, ceramic SMD package delivered via Tape and Reel. The Stratum 3 clock serves to track input under normal operating conditions, but at a wider range than Stratum 2.   STX478 and STX479 both come in a 7.0mm x 5.0mm package size and have an output frequency of 12.8 MHz meant to function…
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Suntsu Electronics Designs Custom Stratum 3E OCXOs for Silicon Lab ICs

Suntsu Electronics has designed custom OCXOs for Silicon Lab ICs. Stratum 3E is an upgraded standard that accounts for SONET equipment requirements that are not available with a typical Stratum 3. It comes in a small SMD package that boasts low phase noise and complies to Stratum 3E GR-1244 and GR-253 cores. These Stratum 3E…
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