InvisiShield – A Practical Solution to Social Distancing in the Workplace

What does the Suntsu InvisiShield have in common with Air traffic Control? Air traffic control uses radio detection and ranging technology to keep planes from colliding with each other mid-flight. Similarly, the new Suntsu InvisiShield helps keep people socially distanced in the workplace.

Suntsu InvisiShield helps stop the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19 with a small device you can wear on a lanyard or pop in your pocket. The InvisiShield social distancer is powered by Ultra-Wideband technology (accurate within 6 cm) that works by bouncing radio waves off other devices.

Forget about marking floors or setting up barriers – the InvisiShield creates an invisible ring around users, measures the distance between them, and alerts them when they get too close. Your employees will no longer stress about keeping a safe distance apart because the Suntsu InvisiShield reminds them to move when necessary. With InvisiShield they can focus on their work and not the risk to their health.

No app to download and no training necessary, you simply turn them on and InvisiShield does the rest! Team members can return to work confident that they are in a safe environment. Plus, they know their employer cares about them – a welcome boost to staff morale in tough times!

The Suntsu InvisiShield is a gamechanger for the COVID-19 workplace:




Suntsu’s InvisiShield was designed with our customer’s safety in mind.  The use of Ultra-Wide band technology makes social distancing efforts easier and more effective than ever before!”

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