Counterfeit Components Policy

Counterfeiting and piracy have grown into a global business. Counterfeit components do not need to comply with performance and safety guidelines, they are not tested or approved. Counterfeit components wreak havoc on the supply chain. They have a destructive impact on product life cycles, employment and the economics of the electronics industry as a whole. Counterfeiting must be eliminated and this requires diligence from both buyers and sellers.

The opportunity for infiltration of counterfeit components into the supply chain is minimized through inventory management, protocols, and traceability on all sales process by Suntsu on components provided by our vendors. A list of our key vendors and manufacturers are listed on our website. Customers can always contact Suntsu direct to validate lot and detailed manufacturing details from all of the vendors that we represent.

Buyers need to be vigilant and take steps to avoid buying from questionable sources. The ability to buy directly from Suntsu Electronics, Inc. insures traceability of the components purchased.

Be forewarned, component procurement via a non-franchised channel may risk receiving counterfeit or inferior material. If in doubt, please contact Suntsu Electronics, Inc. at 949.783.7300 or email us, so we may review your concerns.

Suntsu conducts ongoing critical reviews of our supplier base to ensure each supplier has the capability of providing traceability and the level of issue support needed in today’s high volume manufacturing.

Ultimately, since product must be traceable, we insist that traceability and a clear corrective action process is in place before working with a vendor. With this policy, we have had no occurrences of counterfeit products reported either directly or through our customer’s end customer.

Your cooperation in preventing and eliminating the circulation of counterfeits will be greatly appreciated by the entire global community.