Nemco is now Suntsu.

Nemco Electronics Corporation is merging with Nexsun Electronics, Inc. and Suntsu Frequency Control, Inc. to become Suntsu Electronics, Inc. (Effective January 2019). The Nemco name will live on as a trusted brand of tantalum capacitors. Please visit our Nemco product page for complete product information and technical resources.

Why are we changing our name? In short, to streamline our operations and eliminate confusion around our brands and holdings.

A Brief History

2002 – Suntsu Frequency Control, Inc. is established as a supplier of quartz-based timing devices.

2012 – Nexsun Electronics, Inc. is formed following Suntsu’s acquisition of an electronics distribution company located in Southern California to offer a broader range of products to our customers.

2014 – Nexsun acquires Nemco Electronics Corporation, a supplier of quality tantalum capacitors since 1975.

2016 – Suntsu drops “Frequency Control” from its name to coincide with the addition of filters and printed circuit boards to its product line.

2017 – Nexsun acquires Straight Road Electronics, Inc., a distributor of electronic components to further expand our breadth of products.

2018 – Suntsu adds antennas, connectors, and cables to its product line.

Our Renewed Commitment

Now, as we look to the future, we are consolidating our brands/holdings under the name Sunstu Electronics, Inc. with pride in our history and a renewed commitment to becoming a leading supplier of electronics.

We look forward to continuing to manufacture and distribute superb components and offer customized supply chain solutions for our customers under our new/old name: Suntsu.

How Will This Impact Your Business?

ISO 9001:2015 Certification: If you require a copy of our new ISO Certificate for your records, you can find it at:

Future billing/invoicing will be under the name “Suntsu Electronics, Inc.”

For accounting and payment questions, please direct any inquiries to

For sales questions, please ask your sales contact or email