Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH)

A European Union Regulation came into force June 2007, EC/2006/1907, creating guidelines to protect citizens in the European Union community from exposure to harmful chemical substances. The European Chemicals Agency was created to manage a phased implementation of banned substances over the next decade. This applies to chemical substances that are manufactured in Europe or imported into Europe.

Nexsun supports the EU legislation and advocates a healthy and safe environment. Our personnel and suppliers are in agreement with this philosophy and subscribe to meeting or exceeding the procedures and parameters established to accomplish REACH goals.

We have carefully reviewed the documentation incorporated in the legislation and the support information provided by the European Chemical
Agency (ECHA). Nexsun at this time does not meet the criteria that would require registration for reasons outlined below. If in the future,
criteria are modified or if we introduce substances or ship tonnage that need to be registered, we will immediately comply and notify our
customers accordingly.

Nexsun parts are considered “ARTICLES” as defined in the legislation.

Article: an object, which during production is given a special shape, surface or design which determines its function to a greater degree than
does its chemical composition.

Articles need to be registered if they meet the following criteria as established in the legislation:

Title II, Chapter 1, Article § 7.1(a) & § 7.1(b).

Article 7

Registration and notification of substances in articles

7.1 Any producer or importer of articles shall submit a registration to the Agency for any substance contained in those articles, if both the
following conditions are met:

§ 7.1(a) The substance is present in those articles in quantities totaling over 1 tonne per producer or importer per year;

§ 7.1(b) The substance is intended to be released under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use.

Nexsun products do not meet § 7.1(a) or § 7.1(b) criteria noted above. Therefore, registration is not required.

Nexsun products do not contain the 163 SVHC substances defined in Article 57.

Material content support data is available upon request.