Nexsun supports PCB solutions throughout AES Show

Once a year, the Audio Engineering Society (AES) holds a 4th Quarter show at the L.A. Convention Center. This year, we are happy to say that the touch of Nexsun can be seen and felt throughout the show.

Picture above is one our customer’s exciting new entries into the Audio Networking. The board in green is the main board that we built on behalf of the customer; and it interfaces to a Dante audio networking daughter card.

We also have two or three other PCBs built by our key trusted suppliers; many of which are built into the audio control panels being demonstrated at the AES show.

Reason to Cross: Nexsun knows PCBs are a mission critical part of product schedule commitments. Nexsun conducts on-going critical reviews of our manufacturing to ensure you get high quality PCBs are delivered on time. We sweat the details!!!

Lead Times: Nexsun’s delivery for a typical standard PCB in final production is 20 days. Lead times for rapid PCB prototypes and quick turns depend on design complexity.