WPI Wireless Business Unit releases new Isolator Coupler product line

At Suntsu Electronics, we have seen the design challenges of our  Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) customers get ever more complex and compact over the past 4 years.  In the case of electric and other utility meters, the compact designs means a close proximity to both:

  • power wires carrying high voltages and high currents that can create low-level signal noise
  • RF electronics that can result in unintended cross talk

This is where World Products Inc. (WPI)’s new RF Isolator Coupler can help.  The WPANT50029 series is designed to provide good isolation from both power line and RF noise. From World Product’s:  “These Isolator Couplers are rated for 250 Volts AC and are designed to be used in line with either an internal or external antenna.”   Contact us if you wish to learn more.