July Product News: Winstar releases two 10.1″ displays

Winstar, a maker of industrial displays, has released two models of 10.1 inch IPS TFT-LCD.

We are particularly excited by the WF101GTAAPLNT0.  The WF101GTAAPLNT0 is the resistive touch anti-glare model designed for bright lighting conditions or outdoor.  Resistive touch screens are typically more durable when exposed dust and water. And it can detect stylus, gloved-hands and other wide range of touch conditions.  This is a very good tie-in to the Great Outdoors article released in June.

WF101GTAAPLNG0 is a projected capacitive touch (PCAP) designed for normal indoor applications.  It is a relatively large screen that supports great contrast ration (800:1) and wide viewing angles (85° left, right, up and down).

Contact Suntsu for more information if interested.