Simplify Your Design With Suntsu’s 4-in-1 Combination Outdoor Antenna

Suntsu announces a new outdoor antenna to address your LTE MIMO, GNSS and Dual Band Wi-Fi needs. All multiple wireless systems need a high efficiency antenna with high gain and isolation properties. This 4-in-1 antenna from Suntsu can be used for vehicle telematics allowing real-time tracking and HD video streaming to the cabin of any vehicle. As our Director of Sales, Robert Rangel comments, “use just one antenna for all your wireless needs!”

The two LTE & Wi-Fi antennas have omni-directional radiation patterns.  The GNSS antenna has been designed to work with GPS/Galileo and GLONASS applications giving the ability to track a vehicle’s location with high degree of accuracy and stability.

The enclosure is waterproof up to IP67. You can also customize all cable lengths and connectors to meet your needs.

Applications include:

  • Vehicle Telematics Systems
  • Fleet Management Applications
  • Real-time HD Video Streaming
  • Digital Signage
  • Remote Monitoring

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