Suntsu Electronics, Inc. Announces New Distributor Partnership with Artec Lantec

Suntsu has signed a distribution agreement with Artec Lantec, a thriving electronic components distributor in Israel with a focus on offering customer solutions from the design stage to the production since 1995.

Anke Allen, Director of European Sales, commented, “Over the past 25 years Artec Lantec has become a very well-known and highly experienced electronics distributor within Israel as well as several other countries. Their focus on offering design, engineering, and development support to their customers together with our wide product range of electronic components will offer an ideal solution to existing and potential customers. I’m looking forward working with the whole team at Artec Lantec and am confident that this relationship will be very successful – especially as Israel has become a worldwide hub for new designs.”

Artec Lantec Team

Yoram Sror, CEO of Artec Lantec exclaimed, “We get involved in the most innovative design projects in Israel in the initial stages, bringing over two decades of expertise and an abundance of good will to the table. We value good human relations above everything else and place this at the heart of any initiative we are involved in, so that everyone benefits.”

With stocking facilities in Israel and New York, Artec Lantec can stock locally and ship abroad with short lead times.

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