Epson’s MC-306 Will Be Obsolete in 2021. Suntsu Has the Perfect Solution.

Suntsu Frequency Control SWS834

Need a replacement for the MC-306? (Epson’s EOL notice)

Fortunately, Suntsu has the perfect solution: SWS834. The SWS834 is an equivalent product to Epson’s. Featuring 32.768kHz, and the same dimension and electrical parameters as the MC-306, the SWS834 is an easy drop-in replacement. Even better, Suntsu can provide short lead times and competitive prices!

Some of their key features are listed below.


SWS834 Series Key Features

• Frequency of 32.768kHz
• Package size of 8.0×3.8mm
• Frequency tolerance of ±10ppm or ±20ppm
• Equivalent series resistance of 50kΩ
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C

SWS834 Series Applications

• Real Time Clocks
• Measurement Instruments
• Wireless Applications

Our Director of Engineering, KH Mun, explains – “The great benefit of SWS834 is that customers are able to use it without changing the footprint on PCB.”

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