Experience High-Definition with Suntsu’s HD-BNC Connectors

Experience High-Definition with Suntsu’s HD-BNC Connectors

Micro BNC connectors are designed for the HD & UHD Broadcast, Telecom, and HD CCTV markets where applications require high performance in a high-density package. Suntsu’s HD (High Density) BNC connectors deliver 75Ω, enhancing both electrical and mechanical performance.

These connectors not only have 4x the density, but the form factor is 50% smaller than standard BNC connectors. Their nickel-plated brass body is designed to terminate to a variety of PCBs and brings reliable performance up to 12GHz. Our HD-BNC connectors are right angle PCB mount types, and can be used in full HD 1080P, HD-SDI, Ultra HD 4K (12G) applications.

Suntsu’s HD-BNC Connectors

Key features include

  • High Density
  • True 75Ω
  • Right Angle PCB Mount-Type.
  • Frequency Range: Up to 12GHz
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 1000Vrms min.
  • Gold Plating Housing
  • Brass Nickel Plated Contact

Applications include

  • Digital A/V or Routing systems
  • Mobile Broadcast
  • Studio Integration
  • Broadcast Cameras

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