Team Member Spotlight: Adam Robbins

Team Member Spotlight: Adam Robbins

This month we’re excited to aim the spotlight on one of our team members, Adam Robbins! Adam is one of our Senior Sales Managers and has been in the industry for 40 years. Not only does he have the most welcoming personality, but his knowledge of the industry makes him an asset to our Suntsu family.

A Little Bit About Adam…

As a kid, Adam’s friends used to call him Zuma Zam, and while many of his childhood friends still do, his newest nickname, given to him by his grand kids, is G-Daddy.

Growing up, Adam went to school to become a DJ. He eventually lost interest, but always found ways to stay close to the music industry. He wanted to become a manager of a rock band, but the position fell through when the singer decided to sell their music to an already well-known artist (good for them because we love having Adam on our team).

Back in the day, surfing was one of Adam’s favorite hobbies, but (in his own words) as his “knees started to deteriorate and [his] belly got bigger” it slowly turned into a love of traveling. From destinations like Cabo and Trinidad, Adam’s been lucky enough to have traveled around the world.


As for any pets, Adam says he doesn’t have any unless we’re counting fish, then he’s got a lovely red betta fish named Lucy (we’re counting it, for sure).

When we asked what he likes to do in his spare time, his response was to go to the gym as often as he can. Why? So that he can do his other favorite past time – going out to eat (same, Adam, same…).

Career Story Interview
Q: So, Adam, how did you get started in the electronics industry?

A: In the 80’s I was a beach bum, working swing shift at a gas station so I could surf in the morning and then again late in the afternoon. At the time, my mother was a Senior Buyer for a big power supply company, and she made me promise that if she got me an interview with one of her vendors, I would go on it.

Well, I missed the first two scheduled interviews. One I forgot about, and the other was during a big swell. I finally made the third one and they hired me two weeks later. I stayed with them for 14 years.

Q: What do you like most about working in the electronics industry?

A: I started before there was anything called Surface Mount Technology, and I love it when I see a product out in the world that has components in it that I helped get designed in. Technology has come so far over my 40 years in the industry. I still have a passion for it and enjoy watching it transform constantly.

Q: What industry makes up the bulk of your business? What attracted you to that industry and why?

A: I have been dealing with the audio industry for most of my career. My passion is music, so it made sense that I gravitated toward audio. And it is virtually a recession free industry. People want music in their lives during good times and challenging times. It’s been very good to me over the years.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Suntsu?

A: The culture. I have never been a part of a company that cares so much about their employees. I love coming to work. I hated working from home during COVID. I missed my work family.

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone interested in the electronics industry?

A: Make it a point to become familiar with your product and understand your customers. Don’t just be an “order taker”. Solve problems and earn your stripes. Long term relationships are key. Get to know your customers and figure how to become their go-to person long term.

Q: Now, to wrap it up, what’s something funny that has happened to you since you started working in the electronics industry?

A: In the mid-80s, before cell phones, I was brand new in field sales. I got a call from a customer who was a startup, and they gave me their Hollywood address and asked me to come by and see them. I used the Thomas Guide to help me locate the address and it took me to a neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills – I was certain I had the wrong address. I drove down to Sunset Blvd to find a pay phone so I could call the customer to confirm the address. They confirmed they were in a house and not a building, so I went back up the hill and sure enough, they were in the guest house building their products. This account turned into a “whale”. They were called Alesis. I was with them from the very beginning stages and they became a powerhouse in pro audio. It was a long great ride with them. I still work with many people from Alesis at other companies now.

Rapid Fire!
Favorite Sports Team?

LA Rams

Trend you hope makes a comeback.

Affordable manufacturing in the US.

Top of your Bucket List?

Go into a shark cage to view Great Whites. I trekked Mountain Gorillas in the wild. That was at the top of the list. Now it’s Sharks!

Fun Fact that few people know about you?

I am a softy. Music and the arts, in general, get me very emotional if the performance moves me.

Favorite Food?

Deli food. It’s in my DNA.

Vacation Spot?

I love Cabo. I have been around the world, but I always seem the most content in Cabo San Lucas.

Rapid Fire!
Favorite Sports Team?

LA Rams

Thanks to Adam for being an amazing team member. We’re happy to have you and here’s to more years of fun and travel!

What’s an obscure movie line that you say in your everyday life that no one gets:

Beneath The Clothes, We Find A Man, And Beneath The Man We Find His… Nucleus.”
-Nacho Libre


If you want to learn more about Adam and how he can help your business, reach out to us today or check out his LinkedIn profile.


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