Suntsu’s New Parametric Part Search Helps Make Your Project a Reality

Suntsu’s New Parametric Part Search Helps Make Your Project a Reality

Looking for an easy way to find the parts you need and get samples in a timely manner? The new parametric part search feature on Suntsu Electronics’ website makes this easier than ever by allowing you to find the parts you need and order samples without any hassle.

Being a technology company, it seemed natural for us to have a kick-ass website. However, being a hardware company left us blissfully naïve to the painful experience of building one. Turns out that building a parametric part search that accurately displays inventory, and enables customers to self-serve samples, is a large undertaking.

Great news: Our hard work and your patience have paid off! You can now order crystal and oscillator samples right from our website!

Discover Our Website’s New Parametric Part Search Feature
Why We Added a Parametric Part Search

Suntsu maintains a large inventory of products to ensure our customers have access to the samples they need. We do this to make it easy to get samples quickly to test ideas, build prototypes, or adjust a first board design that didn’t go as planned.

We’ve got you covered with over 40,000 of the most popular frequency control SKU’s in our inventory. We’ve created the parametric part search on our website to facilitate the process of locating and ordering samples of the parts you need within our vast inventory.

Suntsu Stock Search Demo
Crystals, Oscillators, and More

As we’ve mentioned, Suntsu has a large inventory, meaning that the chances are high that we have what you are looking for. This includes crystals, oscillators, and more. In addition to frequency control on the shelf, we also carry stock on our:

In the rare situation when we don’t have the part you need in stock, you don’t have to stress. Suntsu has some of the best lead times in the industry, plus unbeatable sourcing capabilities to locate hard-to-find or end-of-life components in a timely manner.

What Comes Next?

Our website’s new capabilities are one of the many ways that we show our dedication to Help Tech Companies Create What’s Next. We are proud to invite you to come check it out!

The initial roll out of our parametric part search and part number builders is only the beginning. Soon, you will be able to get samples from Suntsu’s full product offering.

If there is something outside of frequency control that you are interested in, give us a call, or send us an email. Our team of highly technical salespeople are always available to help you navigate the component selection process.

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