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AV CablesConnected home/office (USB, VGA, RCA, HDMI, coaxial)Rapid Conn
Circular Power and Data CablesM-series / C-series cables for industrial and automationAmphenol-Sine
DVI CablesDVI cablesAmtek
Ethernet Networking CablesEthernet networking cablesOST
Phone Jack / Headphone / Audio CablesOptions from Amphenol-Sine, Amtek, OST and Rapid Conn depending on applicationContact Us
Power CordsNorth America, International, hospital grade, hi amp, data center cords and cablesElectri-cord Manufacturing
RF CablesCustom RF cable solutions for AMR and commercial automationSuntsu
Ribbon, FFC/FFP, IDC CablesRibbon, IDC, and FFC/FFP cables for Board to Wire solutionsAmtek
Storage and SATA CablesSATA and serial cable adaptersAmtek
USB 3.1 CablesUSB 3.1 cablesRapid Conn
WireharnessCustom wire harness; commercial, industrial, medical, military and automotive cablesCarr Manufacturing


AV ConnectorsAmphenol audio XLRs, mini-XLRs loud speaker, RCA, 1/4" and 3.5mm solutionsAmphenol-Sine
Board-to-Cable Headers / Box HeadersPin-Header Solutions, board-to-cable solutions (IDC, box header, latch header)AUK
Circular Power and Data ConnectorsM-series / C-series connectors for industrial and automation applicationsAmphenol-Sine
DVI ConnectorsDVI connectorsAmtek
Ethernet with MagneticsRJ45 Jack with Magnetics; 1x1, 1xN, 2xNYuan Dean
Ethernet, Modular Jack and PlugsRJ45 Jacks, 1x1, 1xN, 2xN; and semi-custom telecom jacksAmtek
Phone JackAudio jack, cable socket, card edge, D-Subminiature, circular DIN, DC jack, DIN 41612, DVIOST
RF ConnectorsCustom connectors and interconnect solutions for AMR and commercial automationSuntsu
Storage and SATA ConnectorsSATA and eSATA connectorsAmtek
Terminal BlocksBarrier, feed thru, one-piece and pluggable terminal blocksOST
Terminal BlocksPlug-in, PCB screw, transformer, spring, feed through, and universal DIN rail solutionsDegson
Waterproof InterconnectsWaterproof USB, D-Subs, and M12OST

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