Nichicon – Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electroytic Capacitors

More and more, electrical products are exposed to the harsh outdoor or industrial environment.   The typical aluminum electrolytic capacitor are, at its core, dependent on liquid electrolytes.  While useful in a typical indoor environment; the liquid-based electrolytic capacitor can have reduced reliability due to the dry-out when in a harsh environment and a change to the characteristics at low temperatures.

Conductive Polymer Aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Nichicon are great for products that see a wide variety of environments.  By using a solid conductive polymer, the Nichicon family of Polymers are not susceptible to dry-out and have stable characteristics at low temperatures.  This is great for vehicle-mounted or cool-room industrial equipment.

They are also great for the following applications:

  • Backup – polymer capacitors have higher capacitance values with low ESR and ESL; making them great at responding to load changes.
  • Smoothing – polymer capacitor’s low ESR and higher capacitance value make it great for smoothing out ripple current and pulse-shaping.
  •  Filtering – the large capacitance value, stable performance over temperature and long-life reliability make it ideal for reducing switching noise and low-pass filters.

Nichicon offers  a wide range of form factors — chip type, radial lead, and SMD.  Contact us for more information.