Degson New Products April 2016

Degson just released their New Product Information newsletter for April 2016. There are two new exciting product families.

First is the DG2002-4.0 / DG2001-3.0 and DG2003-6.0  terminal block interconnect systems.  The DG027 and DG028 are actually tools that allows the installers the ability to getting their wires into and out of the terminal block with both ease AND a relatively secure / tamperproof connection. The example application they show is running LED based signage application.  In such an application, the panels may need to be moved from one location to another or adjusted over time.  Basically – panel re-use.

Second is the push-in driven DIN rail terminal blocks.  These are applicable to systems that need a complex coordination of wiring but with the ability to at times adjust the connections.  Degson lists rail transportation and electric machinery. But to add color — an industrial manufacturing line might be designed to make product A for three months; and then shifted around to make product B.  The DIN rail system absolutely makes it easy to re-route wiring for all the equipment during a line-change.

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