New Product Announcement: Mean Well HVGC-480 Series designed for bio / agriculture industry

With the acquisition of Straight Road Electronics, Nexsun Electronics is pleased to have MEAN WELL as a new partner.  MEAN WELL’s new HVGC-480 Series of constant power LED drivers is a perfect fit to our blog articles on The Great Outdoors.   The HVGC-480 Series is designed to meet the high-wattage outdoor LED lighting needs of the bio-tech and agriculture industry. It is the first constant power mode LED driver with adjustable output current within the full 480W power range.  This makes the HVGC-480 a good fit for a wide variety of deployments (aka no two bio-agri farm are the same).

As an outdoor product, here is how the HVGC stacks up:

  • waterproof design IP65/IP67
  • wide operation temperature -40 to +90 ? w
  • surge and exposure protection: Short circuit / Over voltage / Over temperature
  • Type “HL” for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous (Classified) location luminaries.   This means the HVGC-480 can be used in locations where
    • flammable liquids or gases are handled, and
    • ignitable concentrations can occur if mechanical ventilation fails

In addition, the HVGC-480 has a wide input range (180 – 528VAC) and high efficiency (94.5%).   Learn more by contacting Nexsun Electronics at [email protected] or 949.680.4725


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