New Product: 3.5 inch IP65 rated waterproof speakers with loud SPL sound from ICC Intervox

Last year, we had a great article about product design for the Great Outdoors.  It is with this backdrop that we are excited to introduce you to ICC Intervox’s latest speaker.  The S350SF-M-16W-IP6 is an IP65 rated 3.5 inch 8? speaker with ability to produce loud SPL sound. Here is a quick review of the S350SF-M-16W-IP6:

  • IP65 is the ability to hand water jets.  This is equivalent to withstanding light  rain (see “How to select parts for water and dust resistance”).
  • Mylar material is used for the speaker cone providing durability and waterproof capabilities.
  • Rubber gasket provide further seal when speaker is mounted to the body of the final product.
  • Rated 10W / Maximum 16.0W allows this speaker to achieve and SPL (sound pressure level) of 95.0dB.  This approximately as loud as a passing diesel truck.
  • Dimensions: 87x87x31mm outer square with a 3.5” ? cone and a ?60x32x10 ferrite magnet.

Click here to read the detailed spec or contact us if you have questions at. [email protected] or 949.680.4725.