Product Highlight – Magtech Industries Q2 LED Driver

We are excited to announce Magtech’s new Q2 Series LED driver. It is a great solution for many lighting OEM products.

The following include some of theadvantages of the Q2 LED driverover similar products:

 Q2 series, UL listed LED driver – Accommodates many applications where UL recognized drivers could not be

  1. Q2 driver is VERY Price Competitive.
  2. Q2 Series – comes in 60Watt and 100Watt, including both constant voltage or constant current.
  3. Five available case styles to choose from.
    1. “LP” – built-in junction box on input and output.
    2. “MG” – junction box on input & gland with jacketed wire on output.
    3. “SC” – power cord on input and DC barrel plug on output.
    4. “SG” – Male tread on input and gland with jacketed wire on output.
    5. “SS” – Stud mount with bottom feed wires


  1. Operating temperature: -40 to +50°C, Tc:85°C
  2. 3 in 1 dimming control plus “ENABLE” input
  3. Fully potted, suitable for dry and damp locations
  4. Input Range: 110-277VAC
  5. Frequency: 47 to 63Hz
  6. Max Power: 100W
  7. Protection: OCP, SCP, OLP-Auto Recovery


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