Suntsu Introduces Low DCR Power Inductors to Our Product Offering


Suntsu is proud to announce that we have added power inductors to our product offering, as they are an essential component of voltage regulator topology.

Suntsu’s SMD power inductors are manufactured with a magnetic shielded structure. This helps them achieve excellent resistance to EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interface), low DCR, and high rated current. The products were designed with lightweight and small form factors that are ideal for all designs, including high-density board applications.

Suntsu Power Inductors Thumb

Suntsu power inductors are available in surface-mount packaging with multiple package sizes. Operating temperature is -40~125°C, and the product is AEC-Q200 compliant. This ensures that it can be used in buck converters, laptops, displays, and automotive applications, as well as in network communication equipment.

Suntsu Power Inductors

SeriesImageSMT Package Size RangeThroughhole Package Size RangeTolerancePassband WidthKey FeatureReelKey FeatureDatasheet
SP0420SIDMP-SP0420 SeriesStandard SMT 4.4x4.2x1.8mm±20%-40°C ~ 125°C0.10µH - 10.00µH2000Low Loss, High Efficiency, Wide Application FrequencyDatasheet Download
SP0530SIDMP-SP0530 SeriesStandard SMT 5.4x5.2x2.8mm±20%-40°C ~ 125°C0.22µH - 22.00µH2000Low Loss, High Efficiency, Wide Application FrequencyDatasheet Download
SP0730SIDMP-SP0730 SeriesStandard SMT 7.25x6.6x2.8mm±20%-40°C ~ 125°C0.10µH - 33.00µH1000Low Loss, High Efficiency, Wide Application FrequencyDatasheet Download
SP0740SIDMP-SP0740 SeriesStandard SMT 7.25x6.6x3.8mm±20%-40°C ~ 125°C0.13µH - 47.00µH1000Low Loss, High Efficiency, Wide Application FrequencyDatasheet Download
SP1040SIDMP-SP1040 SeriesStandard SMT 11.5x10.0x3.8mm±20%-40°C ~ 125°C0.15µH - 82.00µH800Low Loss, High Efficiency, Wide Application FrequencyDatasheet Download
SD1280SIDSP-SD1280 SeriesSMT, Shiled/Drum12.0x12.0x7.8mm±20%, ±30%-40°C ~ 125°C1.40µH - 1000.00µH500Low DCR, High Rated CurrentDatasheet Download

Key features include

  • AEC-Q200 compliant
  • Low loss, High efficiency, Wide application Frequency
  • Light weight design to save space and suitable
    for high density SMT
  • Core material: Alloy Powder
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level 1
  • Operating temperature of -40°C ~ 125°C

Applications include

  • Automotive Electronics
  • Converter
  • Laptop
  • Display
  • Communication Equipment

If you have any questions about this product or anything else we offer, please do not hesitate and reach out to a representative. We’re here to help you create what’s next!

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