Suntsu Electronics, Inc. Acquires Integra Electronics

Suntsu Electronics, Inc. Acquires Integra Electronics

Updated: September 19, 2023
Original Publication Date: January 18, 2023

Looking for Integra Electronics? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

Back in January, Suntsu Electronics, Inc., announced the acquisition of Integra Electronics, and up until April 2023, Integra continued operating out of their location in Fullerton, CA before relocating to the Suntsu offices in Irvine, CA.

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Established in 1998, Integra is an authorized stocking distributor of passive and electro-mechanical components including capacitors, resistors, oscillators and more. Integra and Suntsu both have a long history of putting customer relationships first and helping tech companies create what’s next. This union will provide you, our valued customer, with an even greater level of service and support through the merging of our resources and combined experience.

Integra’s expertise in specialized distribution solutions and inventory management aligns extremely well with Suntsu’s core competencies. Integra’s customers will also have the added benefit of tapping into our talented engineers and skilled global sourcing specialists for hard to find and EOL parts.

Sourcing Capabilities

Secure hard-to-find and
EOL parts using our skilled
global sourcing team.

Engineering Services

Free your time by
tapping into our talented
engineering team.

Suntsu Electronics Inventory Management

Eliminate lead times and cash-flow
constraints with customized
inventory management.

Boost Your Designs with Suntsu’s Manufacturing Services

Boost your designs with
our custom components and
turnkey solutions.

Suntsu maintains a large inventory of products to ensure our customers have access to the samples they need to test ideas, build prototypes, or adjust a first board design that didn’t go as planned. To facilitate the process of locating and ordering samples, we’ve developed a stock search feature on our website with over 40,000 of the most popular frequency control SKU’s, including crystals, watch crystals, oscillators, TCXOs, and VCXOs.

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With proven reliability and success, Suntsu looks forward to demonstrating a continued commitment to meeting your expectations. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!


Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Engineering Services
Engineering Services

Helping Tech Companies Create What’s Next!

We help our customers build better products, save time, save money, and improve cash-flow/lead-times through inventory management programs.

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