Suntsu’s Crystal Is Designed as the Reference Clock for InPlay’s IN100 NanoBeacon

Suntsu’s Crystal Is Designed as the Reference Clock for InPlay’s IN100 NanoBeacon

InPlay is a fabless semiconductor company located in Irvine, California. Their focus is in the IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) space, and they aim to solve the biggest pain points in today’s wireless applications.

One of InPlay’s breakthrough products is their IN100 NanoBeacon. This chipset integrates the latest 5.3 Bluetooth technology and supports both traditional LE and extended advertising. It also features a firmware-less design that eliminates the hassle of understanding complex Bluetooth communication protocols and is also programming-free.

After performing our own crystal oscillation circuit analysis with the IN100 NanoBeacon, Suntsu determined that the frequency control part best suited to optimize the IC performance in the InPlay design as our SCX810-26.000M.

the IN100 NanoBeacon SXT2148BB48-26.000M

Suntsu’s SCX810-26.000M

Key parameters of SCX810-26.000M

  • Frequency of 26MHz
  • 2.0×1.6mm SMD package
  • 6pF load capacitance
  • Less than ESR of 50ohms
  • Can be operated with -40~85°C

Applications include

  • Bluetooth Tag (Active RFID)
  • Smart Wireless Sensor
  • Wireless temperature Sensor
  • Redefining Bluetooth Beacon

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