Antenna accessoriesAntenna switch modulesMagLayers
AntennasCustom antennas, AMI/AMR, and Rubberduck antennasSuntsu
Antennas4G LTE, 3G Cellular, External Wifi Antennas, Multi-band MIMO, Custom antennasWorld Products

RF Components

Capacitors (RF)Ultra high Q and low ESR MLCC capacitorsCal-Chip
Circuit Protection TVSTVS array protects protect sensitive RF components from ESD, overvoltage, cable discharge and electrical fast transientsBrightKing
Connectors and Cables (RF)Custom RF cables and connectors, interconnect solutions for AMR and commercial automationSuntsu
Connectors and Cables (RF)SMA, SMB, MCX, MMCX, TNC and BNC connectorsAmtek
Frequency Control (RF)VCXO’s for modulation, PLLs, and phase-locked loops; TCXO's and OCXO’s for transmission and stabilitySuntsu
Inductors (RF)RF moulded and common mode inductors, signal transformersETAL Group
SAW Filters and ResonatorsIF SAW and RF SAW filters, duplexers and resonatorsSuntsu
Transformers (RF)RF transformersYuan Dean

Networking Components

Connectors (Ethernet)Chassis mount RJ45 solutionsAmphenol Sine
Connectors (Ethernet)Power over Ethernet (POE) RJ45Yuan Dean
Connectors (Ethernet)RJ45 Jack with Magnetics; 1x1, 1xN, 2xNYuan Dean
Connectors (Ethernet)Cat6a 10 Gigabit Ethernet plugs, Cat5 and 5e jacksSentinel Connectors
Connectors (Ethernet/Telecom)Modular jack for Ethernet and telecom applications; 1x1, 1xN, 2xNAmtek
EMI Filters (Networking / Telecom)EMI common mode filtersYuan Dean
EMI Filters (Networking / Telecom)EMI and noise supression capacitorsPilkor (World Products)
Frequency Control (Networking)Crystal Oscillators for GigE (10/100/1000) - 10.41666, 25, 125MHz | 10GigE - 156.25, 161.1328, 312.5MHzSuntsu
Inductors (Networking/Telecom)LAN discretes, chokes and inductorsMaglayers
Networking ModulesLAN and xDSL modulesETAL Group
Signal RelaysMiniature signal relays for telecom and LAN networksNexem
Transformers (Networking/Telecom)ADSL/ISDN transformersYuan Dean
Transformers (Networking/Telecom)RJ45 LAN Ethernet isolation transformersYuan Dean
Transformers (Networking/Telecom)RJ45 LAN Ethernet isolation transformersRCD

Wireless Modules

Wireless modulesSave design time with Wifi, Bluetooth, BLE, and LTE modulesSuntsu


Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Engineering Services
Engineering Services

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