SOC25C Series – 25.4MM X 25.4MM Metal DIP CMOS OCXO

3D Product View

3D View


• ±10ppb (Frequency Stability) Available


• Military Communication Equipment
• Base Stations
• Test Equipment
• Synthesizers
• Digital Switching

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Electrical Parameters

Frequency RangeMHz1100
Frequency Tolerance at +25ºCppb-100+100
Freq. Stability vs. Op Temp.ppb-50+50See part numbering guide for options.
Freq. Stability vs. Supply Voltageppb-10+10VDD±5% Change
Freq. Stability vs. Loadppb-10+10±10% Change
Freq. Stability vs. Aging/Yearppb-500+500See part numbering guide for options.
Operating Temperature°C-20+60See part numbering guide for options.
Storage Temperature°C-45+85
Supply Voltage (VDD) - 5.0V OptionV4.7505.05.250
Supply Voltage (VDD) - 9.0V OptionV8.5509.09.450
Supply Voltage (VDD) - 12.0V OptionV11.40012.012.600
Power Consumption At Turn OnW2.5
Power Consumption At 25°CW1.0
Control Voltage (VC)V0.54.5
Control Middle VoltageV2.5
Pullability (AT-Cut)ppm±3.0±5.0±8.0AT-Cut
Pullability (SC-Cut)ppm±0.5±2.0SC-Cut
VC Input Impedance50
Deviation SlopePositive
Output Logic (HCMOS)pF15
Output Logic Level - High (VOH)V0.9*VDD
Output Logic Level - Low (VOL)V0.1*VDD
Rise Time (TR) And Fall Time (TF)nS5
Symmetry (Duty Cycle)%455055
Start-Up Timems3
Warm-Up Timeppb-100+100At 25°C After 5Mins.

Outline Drawing & Recommended Landed Pattern

All dimensions are in millimeters (mm) unless otherwise noted. Drawings are not to scale.