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SSO32C Series – 3.2mm X2.5mm Silicon SMD 4 Pad CMOS Oscillator

3D Product View

3D View


• ±50ppm (Frequency Stability) Available
• All Silicon without Quartz and MEMS
• CMOS Output
• Low Jitter
• Built in LDO and Power Filter Circuit


• Intelligent Terminal
• Ethernet
• Consumer Electronics
• Communication Equipment

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Electrical Parameters

Frequency RangeMHz0.01212.5
Frequency Stability (Includes Initial
Tolerance at 25°C, Frequency Stability
over Operating Temperature, Output Load
Change, Supply Voltage Change, and Ten
Years Aging at 25°C.)
Operating Temperature°C-4085See part numbering guide for options.
Storage Temperature°C-55105
Supply Voltage (VDD) - 1.8V OptionV1.711.81.89
Supply Voltage (VDD) - 2.5V OptionV2.3752.52.625
Supply Voltage (VDD) - 3.3V OptionV3.1353.33.47
Current (IDD) - 1.8V to 3.3VmA4055
Output Load (CMOS)pF15
Output Logic Levels High (VOH) V0.83*VDD
Output Logic Levels Low (VOL) V0.17*VDD
Rise (TR) and Fall (TF) Timens0.51.5
Symmetry (Duty Cycle)%455055
Tri-State Input Voltage - EnableV0.7*VDDNo Connection
Tri-State Input Voltage - DisableV0.3*VDD
Start-Up Timems4
Phase Jitter (12kHz ~ 20MHz)ps0.351

Outline Drawing & Recommended Landed Pattern